As Alice Walker said,

“Activism is the rent I pay for living on the planet."

VERVE is our way of paying the rent…

Our persisterhood connects people globally online and ‘onland’ with Community and Workplace VERVE Think Tanks, Activism, Volunteerism and Fundraising awareness events supporting both local and international charities.

All of our initiatives, including our annual My Bloody Galentine brunch with Bloody Good Period, the Community Think Tank with Tostan founder Molly Melching and our VERVE Think Tank Workplace for the women of YouTube, tackle a range of themes but our goal remains the same: To create awareness around gender and racial justice.

VERVE makes it easy for everyone to be a participant in the feminist movement.

VERVE’s feminism is intersectional and always inclusive. We are not simply advocating for white women in the developed world.

VERVE advocates against all forms of oppression including but not limited to sexism, racism, ableism, and religious discrimination. We fight for the recognition of universal human rights for every girl and woman and most especially for those living in poverty in cultures where everything including dignity is denied them.


Society benefits when there is dignity, liberty and equality for all... it's a fact. We are committed to doing whatever we can to help our sisters everywhere achieve dignity, agency and a little more happiness. We believe it is our duty and our privilege to do so.

At VERVE we believe we are our sisters’ keepers.




CFO // Chief Feminist Operative

I am a lot things just like all of you. I am a woman, a daughter, a mother, a friend, a wife and a feminist. I’m also a depressive, pot smoking, eating disordered and anxious incest and rape survivor who knows how good I’ve had it. I’m serious. Food and water were never scarce and I’ve always had a roof over my head. I’m white, American and middle class. I’m educated, I have access to birth control and modern medicine. I’ve come to understand that my privilege is my power. We are in the midst of a gender revolution and I refuse to let the movement become merely a moment. VERVE is the manifestation of my passion for the women and girls who’ve had none of my advantages and I am committed to righting the sexist wrongs that have oppressed all of our sisters since the beginning of time.

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CMF // Chief Managing Feminist

I’m a California born, Arizona raised - West Coast gal. A love for travel brought me to London in 2014 and I quickly fell for the city that I now call home. In my 20’s my career was in designer fashion, event production and I owned a women’s boutique… In my early thirties I found inspiration in activism and human rights issues. I met Anna in 2004 when I was a shop girl in Tucson Arizona - We remained friends throughout the years and found each other again through VERVE. I now devote my work to women’s rights issues and in building VERVE as a platform to connect women globally through feminism. When I’m not mapping out how women will take over the world - I’m planning my next trip, dreaming of a music festival - eating french fries and attempting yoga.



Born and raised in Borneo I grew up with an extremely large and diverse family. I spent most of my life travelling between Asia, North Africa and Europe. At 17 I learned the term “intersectional feminist” and developed my interests in religion, culture and gender justice through art, film, podcasts and blogs. Moving back to England, I got my BA in Politics and International Relations, and by 21, I completed my MA in International Relations where I specialised in analysing anti-terror policy. I decided to dedicate my time contributing my interests to spaces that provided constructive, valuable and sustainable change for women. In this process, I found VERVE where I am aligned with so many bona fide badass women within a movement that strives to improve the lives of those from all backgrounds while empowering those from BME and LGBTQ+ communities. 

THE VERVE Operative

 VERVE Operatives (VO) are not so secret agents of change. Anyone who participates in or hosts VERVE events, writes for our blog and/or spreads the feminist word is a VO.

VERVE has a feminist agenda and our Operatives are how we are going to achieve it.

We do regular Shout-Outs on our podcast and in our weekly Wrap/Up to the most active and dedicated members of our international community.


VO: Claire Ryder // Philadelphia USA

Verve found me while I was organizing the 2017 Women’s March in London. I'm a humanitarian activist with a focus on gender equality and immigration. I first started community organizing in 2003 at the beginning of the U.S. war on Iraq. I have a Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology and over a decade of trauma and mental health crisis experience. After leaving London, I spent a month in Calais, France working with refugees in 2017 before returning to Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, I have continued to write for Verve, advise locally on gender equality and justice issues, and am the Board Chair for Kiths Integrated and Targeted Human Services (KITHS), a non-profit focused on helping refugees, immigrants, and the Asian community develop sustainable independence.

Read about Claire HERE


VO: Amber Kibby // Toulouse France 

I’m Amber a German born brit living in Toulouse, France. Feminist who gives a fuck is a joyful description of me. I teach and lecture in gender equality, women on boards and in leadership and I’m a TEDx curator. I feel strongly about domestic violence, control and coercion as a feminist issue. I have a 20 year connection with charities providing emergency services at festivals. I’m fiercely proud to be associated with VERVE, the tentacles of change that happen after each feminist Think-tank is powerful and inspiring.

Read about Amber HERE