Thursday 30 August 2018

prosecco think tank | london


It was an EPIC PTT ~ Read all about it HERE

Join us for a lively and informative discussion about how to stop funding our oppressors and support each other instead. Let’s consider how we can keep our money and power in the hands of women.

Nikki provides $1000 grants for black women to start their own business. Our goal is to raise enough money through our ticket sales and donations to sponsor one woman’s scholarship.

Read more about Nikki Porcher and her amazing initiative HERE

£5 of your ticket cost will be DONATED to the “Buy From A Black Woman” scholarship program AND MATCHED by an intersectional feminist who gives a fuck….


1 - 4 November 2018

calais volunteer trip 


RCK IG_2018.jpg

We are leading a 3 day trip to Calais to volunteer with Help Refugees & Refugee Community Kitchen.  

We will be holding a fundraising campaign and donation drive prior to our departure - so if you can't make this trip and still want to give back - stay tuned!

We do quarterly volunteer trips to Calais so if you can't make this one - no worries! Our next trip will be in February 2019.

Please email if you'd like to join us on this trip. 


29 November - 10 December 2018

prosecco think tank global | PTTG


Its almost that time of the year again..

Where we bring all of our feminist sisters world-wide together to host as many Prosecco Think Tanks as we can to raise as much awareness and as many funds as possible for a badass charity. 

Last year we had 13 women host PTT's all over the world. 

We raised over £1500 for Fistula Foundation.. Funding 4 women's fistula repair surgeries. 

If you'd like to host your own PTT during our 2 week PTTG campaign please contact us below.

Its super easy, fun and we'll walk you through the planning process with our PTTG digital 'How To' kit. 

Charity partnership TBA.