Friday 13 july  

trump protest & March party

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On Friday July 13th Donald Trump will be making his UK / London appearance and we're going to put together a welcome party that he won't forget... 

VERVE will be hosting another one of our kick-ass MARCH/UP pre-march parties to raise funds for Women's March on London followed by an EPIC march with the help of some amazing organisations.

If you'd like to volunteer your time to help with the March leading up to the event or on the day - please contact us below. 

***By the way... It was AWESOME!



16 - 19 august 

volunteer trip to calais

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We are organising a 3 day trip to Calais to volunteer with Help Refugees & Refugee Community Kitchen. 

This trip is fully booked. 

We will be holding a fundraising campaign and donation drive prior to our departure - so if you can't make this trip and still want to give back - stay tuned!

Please email us to be informed of future volunteer trips.



thursday 30 august 

prosecco think tank | london


After a two month summer break we are closing out the Summer and kicking off the Fall PTT season at VERVE HQ with a SUPER exciting partnership. 

To double the impact we'll be teaming up with our VERVE USA Operative Claire Ryder in Philly for this Prosecco Think Tank.

A Prosecco Think Tank (PTT) is a moderated meaningful conversation amongst women about what inspires them, what pisses them off and what they want to do about it. 

Full details announced Week of July 30th.