Your Karma Footprint is the amount of good you release into the atmosphere as a result of your actions as individuals, organizations, communities and collectives.

VERVE events are centered around women coming together in cities all over the world in order to harness our power, wield it wisely, and make a difference in a very real way.

What you do matters.

MBG 2019_KF

MBG 2019: A Galentine brunch with Bloody Goody Period

KARMA FOOTPRINT: £1,000 & a tote full of period products for BGP

All the details: HERE


VERVE Think Tank - Raise funds and awareness for Buy From A Black Woman 

KARMA FOOTPRINT : $1216 for Buy From A Black Woman.

All the details: HERE


Prosecco Think Tank - A PTT with Molly Melching - founder of Tostan

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £370 for Tostan 

All the details: HERE


Feminist.Period - dress like your fav’ feminist halloween party with BGP

Karma Footprint : £260 & 2 VERVE tote bags full of sanitary products for Bloody Good Period

All the details: HERE

Walk In Her Shoes.png

Walk In Her Shoes - A 5 mile walk for CARE International.

Karma Footprint : £1,050 raised for CARE International UK 

Full details HERE

VTT Global.png

VTTG 2018: A global VTT campaign with Partners In Health Sierra Leone.

KARMA FOOTRPRINT: £1,410 for PIH Sierra Leone and The Well Body Clinic.

All the details: HERE

VERVE Volies_KF-3.png

VERVE Volunteers: Trip to Calais with Help Refugees & RCK

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £800 for Refugee Community Kitchen 

All the details: HERE


International Women’s Day - Prosecco Pong event to raise funds for AMINA

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £240 raised for AMINA

All the details: HERE

VTT Global.png

Prosecco Think Tank Global - Our global PTT campaign where women around the world hosted their own PTT

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £1429.40 for Fistula Foundation

All the details: HERE

MBG 2017.png

My Bloody Galentine - Charity brunch

Karma Footprint : £400 for Women For Refugee Women & 6 VERVE totes full of period products 

Full details HERE

NGF KF tile_2019

NGF: A feminist speed networking event.

KARMA FOOTRPRINT: £ 50 for My Body Back Project and all left-over food was donated to rough sleepers in Camden.

All the details: HERE

Prosecco Think Tank-2.png

Prosecco Think Tank: In Honour or World Refugee Day

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £170 for Welcome Kitchen

All the details: HERE

MBG 2018.png

My Bloody Galentine - Bloody Brunch for Bloody Good Period 

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £440 & 6 bin bags of menstrual products for BGP

All the details: HERE

VTT KF tile_2019.png

Prosecco Think Tank - A PTT raising money for WE STILL RISE documentary about the Women’s March


All the details: HERE

March Up.png

March/Up - A pre-march-party for Women’s March on London 2017 march.

Karma Footprint : £450 for Fistula Foundation

Full details HERE

Brunch for Bricks.png

B4B - A Charity brunch raising funds for a fistula hospital in Kenya.

Karma Footprint : $2,855 / £1,900 for Fistula Foundation

Full details HERE

Pop Up_Shop Up.png

Pop/Up Shop/Up - Clothing donation pop/up shop.

Karma Footprint: £2,352 / $4,000 for Tostan

Full details HERE

Bloody Prosecco in the Park.png

PTT in the Park - Prosecco Think Tank in the park for BGP

Karma Footprint: £170 & 40 packs of period products for Bloody Good Period

Full details HERE


“I saw that.” - Karma