Are You A Woman Or A Girl?

I gotta admit that I thought I “got” why we shouldn’t refer to females over 18 as girls.

But then I read a piece called Grown Women Are Not Girls in the online magazine Everyday Feminism, which said:

“And when we call women “girls,” we’re feeding into the same machine that reminds them constantly that we don’t take them seriously. Women deserve to be acknowledged for what they are: Grown Ass Women.”

Then I googled “women dressed as little girls” and these images showed up.

Women Dressed As Girls - Blog .png

Have you EVER seen a little girl dressed like this? If you have I hope you called the police. Seriously.

It would seem that up to 18 years of age, females are seen as “girl women” and at around the age of around 25 we become “women girls”.

If you’re like me and thought that in the grand scheme of things using the term “girl(s)” when talking to or about a female over 18 wasn’t tragic, let’s agree to stop.

Did you read the piece? Convinced? I am.