Biden Is Not Good For Women: 2 Point Plan To Get Rid Of Him

If you haven’t been following the Joe Biden campaign for president 2020 let me summarize:

In March 2019, Biden gave what he thought would pass as an apology for his role in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings when Anita Hill testified. He stated, “To this day, I regret I couldn’t give her the kind of hearing she deserved. I wish I could have done something.” That does almost sound like an apology and in decades prior he might have gotten away with it, as men have gotten away with this nonsense for time immemorial. I have two objections to his statements. One, the use of the word “could” as if he was a passive observer, powerless to change what was going on. He was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee which made him anything but powerless in that scene. Two, his statements imply he was watching something terrible happen, not an active participant. But his questioning of Hill was problematic in itself. She testified that Thomas would say things to her for the satisfaction of watching her be uncomfortable. In a nauseating parallel, Biden made her repeat graphic testimony for no apparent reason other than the satisfaction of watching her be uncomfortable. He allowed others to do it as well. 

Consistent with his show of misogyny in the Thomas confirmation hearing, Joe Biden has flip flopped on abortion throughout his career. His political career started when he was in his twenties and one would hope that his political and world views have evolved in the past fifty years. However, Biden’s unstable record on abortion is not reflective of a man maturing, it’s reflective of a man pandering. He has changed positions on Roe v Wade, The Mexico City policy, partial-birth abortions, and the Hyde Amendment. Incidentally, his position on abortion and, more importantly for me, a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body, isn’t on his campaign website. His most recent change of heart was only a few weeks ago when he reversed his position on the Hyde Amendment which bans federal funding for abortion. This is a deal-breaker position for many Democrats and while it’s a flop in the right direction, the question is why it took him so long to get there. 

When Lucy Flores told her story in late March 2019 about Joe Biden smelling her hair then kissing her head as he was campaigning for her in 2014, Joe Biden’s campaign should have ended. It should have ended not because that act was illegal but because it was an abuse of power. As Flores points out, Biden held the second highest position in the country at that time, making him one of the most powerful people in the world. He used that power to put his hands on, smell (a very intimate thing to do), and kiss the head of a woman he barely knew and for whom he was supposed to be advocating for a professional position. Democrats have been wailing about Trump’s behavior towards women since he came into the political sphere. If they really cared about women’s control over their own bodies and checking men who violate them, this incident would have ended Biden’s campaign. I can hear the defenses now, “it wasn’t that bad, she wasn’t hurt, he didn’t do anything illegal.” If this is the position people are going to take they need to be aware that what they are saying is that some violations of women’s bodies are acceptable, that a woman’s right to not be touched by powerful men is something Democrats are willing to sacrifice. Beyond the Flores incident, Biden has since joked about his inappropriate touching, touched other women and girls, telling one child “I bet you’re as smart as you are good looking,” and failed to acknowledge his behavior as problematic. He simply doesn’t have the principles or insight to serve women. 

But since he’s a big name and was besties with every Democrat’s favorite President he’s polling at 32% among Democrats as of the writing of this blog. This will continue to be a problem until he drops out of the race. The longer he’s in the race the longer money will be thrown at his campaign when it should be routed to a candidate who respects women, perhaps even an actual woman. He’s also distracting us from the rest of the race, not to mention all the issues in the world that are massively more than the election. The sooner he drops out, the better. So how do we get him out? 

Step 1: 

Get a group of people in one city to agree to shadow him when he comes to town. Shadowing entails attending every public event: speaking engagements, photo ops, and press conferences. As soon as he touches a woman or girl, which he will definitely do because he apparently can’t help himself, the shadow screams “get your hands off that woman (girl)!” Since there are always cameras on this man, someone will capture this voice from off screen. This should happen every time he puts hands on a woman or girl.

Step 2: 

Send an instruction sheet to contacts in other cities with a summary of the incident and how they can do it in their town too. Include a link with the video of the incident if there is one. Then, just for good measure, send the same instructions to the other campaigns just in case they’re interested. They will make sure a reporter sees it. 

How many videos of Biden touching a woman or girl followed by an off stage shout of “get your hands off of her!” do you think his campaign can survive?

Maybe this is all a moot point. Kamala Harris might take care of Biden for us.

Article by Claire Ryder
VERVE Operative USA & Humanitarian Activist

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