Bridges Not Walls

Everyday I find another reason to keep marching on regardless of last years political disasters that still haunt me…

Today’s daily dose of inspiration was learning of Bridges Not Walls - an organization that has chosen to take a creative stand against the presidential elect the day of the inauguration, this Friday, January 20th.

Bridges Not Walls found their inspiration from a quote by the late Martin Luther King Jr’s "Let's Build Bridges Not Walls" A quote that could not be more relevant for today’s frosty forecast of nationalism and xenophobia.

Here’s what Bridges Not Walls has to say & what they do:

“This is an open invitation for everyone moved to stand up to the rise of the far right here and around the world. There are so many good reasons to protest this moment that it’s impossible to fit them all on one banner. Bridges Not Walls is a chance to say what you want to say about it, in your own words, but as part of a bigger collective project that connects the dots between all of our concerns. Simply organise to meet on a bridge near you, with a banner carrying your message, and take a photo. These photos will be collected centrally and their messages shared far and wide.

Remember to register your event on the action map so others can find you and join your action.

If you’re in London and want to join in on a central London bridge please use the map above and click on the red markers to identify which London bridge you’d like to join and use the contact details to contact the relevant bridge leads.” 

VERVE will be joining Bridges Not Walls & Women’s March on London this Friday, January 20th, @9am to roll out a banner on Tower Bridge in support and to defend human rights and equality for all.

Participate and/or check out the themes of the other 10 bridges in London taking-part in this awesome project. Also, there are banner drops throughout the UK, Europe, America and Africa.

~ Join the UK banner drop event HERE


Bridges Not Walls

Article by Erin Whiteley

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