Our humanity is challenged constantly in a violent and unequal world.

It’s exhausting and we often feel overwhelmed and impotent when faced with the daily barrage of new and ongoing tragedies. Yet there are actually so many relatively painless and effective ways that every human being who gives a shit can help. Here’s one of them….

On Monday April 10th a fire blazed through the Dunkirk Refugee Camp in Northern France.

The camp is now a pile of smouldering ashes leaving 1500 refugees once again without shelter and basic human services.

Dunkirk Refugee Camp Fire

VERVE had a trip planned this July to The Women’s Centre within the camp. We were going to babysit, educate and volunteer our mani/pedi, haircut and massage skills. Now, with no camp to go to we have donated €500 and are asking you to use the link below to give WHATEVER amount you can so that once again these women and children can dream of child care and pampering rather than shelter, food and water. 

Dunkirk Emergency Funds Donation Page 

If you are financially unable to give you can still do the right thing by donating the following goods.

Sleeping bags/blankets

Foil blankets


Bottled water

Savoury biscuits/cereal bars

Dried fruit/nuts

Tinned fish

Use This Map To Find Your Closest Drop Off Location 

From the bottom of their seared and broken hearts the women and children displaced by the fire thank you for rising once again to the challenge. 

Resist + Persist + Assist

Article by Erin Whiteley


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