Buy From A Black Woman - A Verve Think Tank Event

On September 1 at 2pm, Verve is partnering with the non-profit Buy From A Black Woman in Philadelphia. Buy From A Black Woman exists to make it easier to buy from Black Women by letting us know what these businesses are through their directory and supporting Black Women business owners through empowerment pop-ups and Black Woman Business Grant. At this Think Tank we are asking for $10 donations (or more if you are so inclined) so we can support the Black Woman Business Grant.

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Nikki Porcher, founder of Buy From A Black Woman, will be joining us from Atlanta to talk about her work. We have also invited several Black Women business owners to share their stories.

The event will include a discussion of how to stop funding our oppressors and start supporting each other instead. We know that money is power but we continue spending our money at businesses owned by white men, perpetuating the power differential between men and women. We are encouraging people of all genders to join us to talk about ways that we can support women owned businesses.

The event is being hosted by Amalgam Comic and Coffeehouse at 2578 Franklin Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125. The owner, Ariell Johnson, a Black Woman business owner herself, opened Amalgam in 2015. It is the first coffee-shop of its kind and prides itself on its inclusion. The comics promoted at Amalgam are written by people and include characters of more diverse backgrounds than the genre usually makes room for.

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Join us on September 1, 2018 from 2-5pm at Amalgam Comic and Coffeehouse, 2578 Franklin Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125 for Buy From A Black Woman—A Verve Think Tank Event.

Article by Claire Ryder
VERVE Operative USA & Humanitarian Activist