Def 1. Good or bad luck, viewed as resulting from one's actions.

The first best thing about giving is that someone who needs something gets something. That something can be a smile, a sandwich and/or fistula repair surgery. The second best thing about doing good is how it translates emotionally into feeling good. It’s science. There’s even a name for it “The Helper’s High”. It’s real, trust me, it’s my drug of choice…. There’s no down time and the sense of wellbeing that flows through you after the act of giving is immediate and addictive and you can do it in private and/or in public.

One of the biggest and best investments we should make is regular deposits into our Karma accounts.  If the concept of Karma hasn’t sold you on the personal benefits to you of doing good/right then embrace the philosophy of “Paying it forward” and/or “Random acts of kindness”. However you define it, whatever you call it, everything you put out there will return to you in a thousand ways. A high balance in your Karma Account doesn’t guarantee that nothing terrible will befall you only that when bad shit happens you’ve got some powerful credit in in the bank.

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer


Anna Quick-Palmer