No Guts No Glory!

Solo women’s travel is the new black. Solo doesn’t mean single, many “coupled” women are embracing the freedom, enlightenment and feeling of accomplishment that inevitably comes with doing something hard on your own. Whether you travel for business or fun the pleasures of going it alone are many fold. You set your own schedule. No need to wait for others to get “ready”. You go, see and learn about what interests YOU! No votes, no trying to accommodate everyone else's agenda. Hitting the road solo is the best way to meet the locals, make new friendsand get deeper insights into the culture. Best news? The hotel industry is finally taking us seriously! Some hotel chains now have rentable flat irons, womens only floors and are working with travel agencies to plan itineraries catered to women's needs and with a focus on safety. 

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it ;-)


Article by Anna Quick-Palmer


Anna Quick-Palmer