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Violet Simon has just launched another milestone project, FEARLESS, a women-only membership club. The aim with FEARLESS is to empower women on how we can thrive in our careers, personal lives and jobs with a focus on diversity, career, mental health, lifestyle, art, beauty, fashion, health and wellness, feminism, and achieving excellence.

The tagline for FEARLESS is “Take Off The Mask”.

The vision of fearless has always been to create an authentic network of and for women. Stripping off all the facades and masks, asking for help when you need it, giving help when you can, making mistakes, learning, growing, living free, bold and not being fooled by social media numbers and facade.

We keep crying out for opportunities yet so many of us are passing by very impactful platforms and opportunities because the brands or individuals do not have ‘lots of followers’, are not in the ‘lime-light yet’, ‘have never been heard of’ and so on.

As much as we are big on art, fashion, nudity, body empowerment, feminism, career development, mental health and so on. We are also big on diversity not just in race but also on ideas and ethos. There is something for every woman.

From our surveys and researches, there is a need for FEARLESS. A lot of people are isolated especially in UK, being a woman in such a society is hard enough, doing it with little or no help, direction or support could be really draining.

We need to change the narrative.

Some of the member perks for Fearless:

  • Quarterly events, workshops and seminars for networking, support, leisure and educating.

  • Wellness and mental health check-in sessions.

  • Educative, fun articles and features for members.

  • Fundraising opportunities for members.

  • Direct access to consultations with knowledgeable individuals in different fields of interest.

  • Co-working spaces, physical and mental health training sessions for members in collaboration with our sponsored partners.

Let’s work together, grow together, heal together and win together.

If you are a female-owned company or individual and want to collaborate and be part of our sponsors partners, please get in touch.

Membership is open to all women and non-binary people from all over the world. To join fearless and for more information, visit here.

Fearless Merch Campaign can be shopped here.

Their first event for fearless - FEARLESS STORIES, is on November, 28th 2018. Body Confidence Coach and Speaker, Dana Suchow will be the Moderator of our panel. Samanah Duran is one of the panel speakers.

Fearless stories is our First Fearless event and it is happening on the 28th of November, 2018 in London, UK.

Storytelling is a huge part of Violet Simon, so when Dana Suchow  called Sophia (Violet Simon Founder) up to do an event with storytelling as the focus, it was a match made in heaven.

Fearless Stories will have a panel of four amazing women including Sophia with Dana as the moderator.

Dana is an Award-Winning Speaker, Educator and Coach.

She is also a survivor of Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and exercise compulsion that resulted in permanent injuries.

She has become an influential voice also giving parents useful tools on body confidence, diet and self-love with their kids and with themselves.

Dana was featured in our magazine, @viole first issue. Get your copy if you haven’t :)  

Samanah Duran is one of the panel speakers. She is a British fashion designer and entrepreneur most recently named Forbes 30 under 30 most influential in retail and e-commerce.

Samanah is the founder of BEYOUROWN, a digital media & news company dedicated to inspire and champion entrepreneurs on a mission to lead.

She’s a wonderful woman and we are glad to know her and do great things together.

Join Fearless to stay updated on more info and the other panel speakers. In the mean time, go get your ticket for fearless here. We have gotten ours!!

For an overview and in-depth breakdown of Violet Simon, their mission, 'FEARLESS', and journey so far, Link here: https://we.tl/t-8RutuNmuPa

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