Freeze Your Eggs

Biological Clock

I have 17 friends who’ve had their first child after 40.

I have 4 friends who’ve had healthy children after cancer treatment.

I have 21 friends who have 34 children between them because they froze their eggs in their early to middle 30’s.

I have no idea what I would have thought about this trend in my 20’s because I hadn’t yet had friends with fertility issues , friends who got cancer, and friends who couldn’t find a partner worthy of having children with.

But now I’m 47, I’ve seen some shit and I have 2 daughters. So what I think now is: If you can afford it, freeze your eggs. It’s not a perfect plan. It’s not the “right” choice (because there is no “right” or “wrong” choice). It’s an option and it’s by no means foolproof.

I’m up to date on all the fertility statistics regardingsuccess” and “failure”. I know how disruptive fertility treatments can be physically, mentally, and financially. I’ve witnessed the joy when it’s worked and the devastation when it didn’t. But, none of my friends regret buying themselves a little more time to pursue careers, travel the world, and make mistakes before deciding to get on the mother of all roller coasters, parenthood.  

My friends are terrific moms (whatever that means…) and their children are cherished. What could possibly be “wrong” with that?


Article by Anna Quick-Palmer