Female Friends are the best medicine. They can’t cure cancer, depression, trauma, career troubles, a toothache, crappy relationships or the trials of motherhood BUT they can help you weather almost every storm (even the “perfect” ones…). A phone call, email, even a simple text from a well meaning friend can make your day. A meal, coffee, night out and/or a “Girlfriend Getaway” is often all it takes to get us back on track. Whatever you need, whether it be a good cry, rant or a laugh a friend is the Rx any enlightened doctor should prescribe. Just knowing you have a friend or two, three, four, five (Lucky you!) out there in the world who is rooting for you, knowing you and accepting you despite whatever faults you may feel you have is a comfort like no other. Need more proof? 

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer


Anna Quick-Palmer