Guilty As Charged

If the Guilty Feminist podcast isn’t on your radar, fix your fucking radar…

Comedienne Deborah Frances-White begins every episode with lines like these.

‘I’m a feminist but, I wish my feminist butt was smaller. And less hairy.’

‘I’m a feminist but while I spend about 5% of my day, thinking about gender equality, I spend about 71% of my day practicing how I would dance, if Idris Elba was watching.’

 ‘I’m a feminist, but when my four-year-old nephew insisted on me putting on my wedding dress and watching Beauty and the Beast with him, I also put on my tiara, which he had not requested.’ 

 ‘I’m a feminist, and I passionately believe in the body positive movement, but I also really, really want to look good sitting down naked.’  

‘I’m a feminist, but when I’m eating a banana in front of a cute boy, I work that piece of fruit.’ 

On almost every show Deborah (I can call her that ‘cause we’re best friends) invites another funny fabulous feminist to co-host with her as well as a guest activist, celebrity, or otherwise kickass feminist . We were lucky enough to attend the show featuring Gemma Atherton and Cariad Lloyd. 

Deborah  (I can call her that ‘cause we’re best friends)  also always throws in a stand up routine in which she hysterically poses a thought provoking, often feminist challenge for which you don’t  actually have to do anything aside from laugh, drink and think. My favorite type of challenge...

So when we got our hands on tickets to a live taping of Deborah’s (I can call her that ‘cause we’re best friends) Guilty Feminist podcast our tummies were funky - shart scare - with excitement. 

While standing in line to enter the studio I had a flash panic and asked my right hand woman Erin, “This isn’t an audience participation kinda thing is it?” Erin was like,

“No worries banana, I know how you feel about those things.” (LOATHE them….) 

Then the first thing Deborah (I can call her that ‘cause we’re best friends) does is ask if anyone in the audience is wearing feminist gear. I looked at Erin like WTF? And before you can say hypocrite I’m waving my hand in the air like a happy lunatic and showing off  my favorite feminist leather jacket. Shout out to Sue Dray

Guilty Feminist


Deborah (I can call her that ‘cause we’re best friends) and her guests thought my jacket was pretty cool and asked who I was, (“Anna”) and what I did for a living (“Feminism is my job”). Apparently that was the right answer because by the end of the show I was up on stage talking about VERVE - wine glass in hand - and committing to host a joint VERVE/Guilty Feminist Prosecco Think Tank. Check out the video Guilty Feminist VERVE

Fucking epic! And I owe it all to my feminist black leather jacket. 

Guilty as charged…..

The Guilty Feminist Podcast : Episode 53. It's A Man's World with Gemma Arterton