Bloody Galentine VERVE

VERVE will make it easy for you to get your gal pals together for a My Bloody GALentine

In 2016 there were 65.3 million refugees and Internally Displaced People (“IDP”) - half (32+ million) of whom are women and girls.


Imagine having to flee your home with only the clothes on your back.

Imagine traveling thousands of miles by foot for months.

Imagine having no toilets.

Imagine having no fresh water to drink or wash with.

Imagine living in a refugee camp for years where there are no private sanitation procedures or facilities for women and girls.

Now imagine you are having your period….

VERVE members and friends are getting together for My Bloody GALentine Brunches all over the world. We hope to raise awareness about the menstruation problems refugee and homeless face. We will be collecting tampons, pads and funds for our local homeless shelters and refugee organizations.

It’s all about Bloody Marys, Bloody Good times and Bloody Good Causes!  

 Steps -

  1. Tell us where you live (not your address!) Your city/town…. ***Wink
  2. VERVE will research your local women’s/refugee organization
  3. VERVE will contact chosen org.. to let them know about/promote event
  4. Choose a location (have a friendly relations with your local eateries?) or host in your home. Let them know that this is a charitable event and ask if they offer discount to people “doing good” ***Emoji smile . Also let them know that VERVE, you and your friends will give shout outs/hashtag them on our/your social media
  5. Choose a date that works for you and your friends
  6. Once you have Date, Time and Location let us know VERVEwill create an email/social media post for you to send to your guest list.
  7. We will send you the My Bloody GALentine media packet which includes images, text and links for you and you guests to post on social media with #mybloodygalentine
  8. Show up!

We are ALWAYS here to help and answer any questions you have.

Contact and get this party started!

Article by Erin Whiteley

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