Introducing The Merit Club In London: Helping Women Reach Their Personal and Professional Summit

Merit Club

Female Empowerment. It’s here: it’s past, present, future, we’ve signed up, and everyone wants to be a part of it, women and men cohesively. It’s words, It’s actions. It’s a voice, it’s a feeling, it’s a movement. There’s no denying that the weight of those two words “female empowerment” are being rooted firmer and firmer into the foundations of our society every day.  Whatever generation and phase in life you are embracing - student, employee, boss, explorer, child, parent, grand-parent - we each command freedoms, be it consciously or unconsciously.

But day-to-day it can be easy to feel detached from “female empowerment” as a united “movement”. We may have a Beyonce moment now and again. We’ll ditch our razors. We’ll stand up for our rights. #Girlpower, #girlboss, they have each been added as hashtags over 6 million times on instagram alone. Yet, how can we harness this sense of empowerment and turn the abstract into a real sense of togetherness in our everyday lives?

Let us introduce you to a concept called The Merit Club, a new members’ club for curious and striving women.

Their aim? To promote personal discovery and a modern sense of “merit” in an exclusive community. They want to harness the abstract sense of “female empowerment” and connect to it in a tangible way, bringing it into the personal realities of our day-to-day lives. Through their events and online platforms, they might just give you some answers to your problems, big or small, or at least widen your outlook and provide you with new directions to pursue. From "How do I keep my relationship happy?" to "How to make the most of being single?", from "How can I progress at work?" to "How can I be more mindful about my money?", day-to-day life seems that little bit easier when we can discuss and explore life's many complications together.

The Merit Club recognises the importance of shifting attention from solely external beauty to internal values. With social media taking up such a large part of our lives nowadays, it’s easy to feel in a vicious cycle of constantly trying to look and feel good, buying into the latest fashion trends, and planning activities to promote our “social media-worthy” lifestyles. We are all driven by basic human emotions - the need for acceptance, love and belonging. But surely there are much better and longer lasting ways of achieving them? The Merit Club believes in investment, time and exploring long term solutions and ideas for happiness and satisfaction. They are committed to bringing people from different backgrounds, industries and age groups closer together. It’s not about fitting or unfitting stereotypes, it’s not about intelligence, grades, social standing, age or experience, the clothes you wear or the labels in your wardrobe. They hold a fundamental belief that confident and informed women experience more success, in every area of their lives.

Their promise? To ensure that through each event you can explore exciting new places in your city, broaden your horizons, and make invaluable connections, and at the same time to provide you with options to always find something interesting to watch, read or listen to whenever you have a spare moment online. They offer you access to a curated library of content and events that will give you that competitive edge; to enrich your conversation topics and make you the person who always has something interesting to say; to provide a platform for all of those things they simply don't teach in school, but are vital skills to life.

Promoting a motto we can all get on board with - “We are all influencers, so it’s time to help each other and have some fun at the same time!” - we think it’s time for you to explore what The Merit Club has to offer and join their growing community; a community that is looking beyond glass ceilings, stereotypes and restrictions, to a more empowered future.


Words by Krisztina Tardos & Lottie Franklin of The Merit Club