JANUARY 21.2017 = HOPE

I marched in London last weekend, and for the first time since November 9th 2016 I felt hope for our future... 

I felt hope because I marched with 30 amazing women - amongst 100,000 marchers who shared the same values. I felt hope when my husband chose to march with us holding a sign defending women’s Repro-Rights. I felt hopeful when I witnessed throughout the march families with girls holding signs defending their rights. I felt hope when I was in the bathroom in a pub post-march and an American women came out of her stall - saw my Nasty Woman shirt - asked if I marched and we shared a conversation about how upset we were/ and still are that Hillary lost - How she was in London with her family and was ecstatic to know that there was a march for her and her family to participate in... We hugged and thanked each other for marching. I felt hope when my colleague marched with Sadik Kahn, THE MAYOR OF LONDON!

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I got home from the march after a dinner with my fella’ marchers and didn’t think it was possible to feel more hope - until I jumped online…I feel hopeful knowing that in my hometown of Tucson, Arizona they expected a couple thousand marchers and over 10,000 showed up! (Including my Mom) I feel hopeful because there were marches in all 50 states… Most of which smashed the estimated number of marchers with spectacular turnouts.  I feel hopeful because there were marches on all 7 continents… That there are people all over the world who support America despite the obvious. And my feeling of shame to be American is beginning to fade. I feel hopeful that there are millions of women and men that share the same vision I have for the future, for equality, who believe that women’s rights are human rights, and understand how important it is to speak up, unite and rise up together! January 21st 2017 gave me much needed hope for the future. The hill is steep but we've built up some serious momentum! From the bottom of my heart - thank you my fellow marchers!

To turn your marching into action, peep this helpful link from the Women’s March on Washington - 10 Actions for the First 100 Days

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Article by Erin Whiteley

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