Karma Footprint: A Special Edition VERVE HQ Think Tank with Abortion Support Network & Sue Dray

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £2,000 for Abortion Support Network 

WHO : Team VERVE London, Abortion Support Network and Sue Dray 

WHAT : A Special Edition VERVE HQ Think Tank - Feminist live drawing event lead by artist Sue Dray.

WHEN : 26 September 2019

WHY : Raising funds and awareness on the badass work done by Abortion Support Network


RECAP : 28 feminists, 1 ridiculously talented artist and a stunning model gathered together at Benk+Bo for a life drawing event to prove that they give a fuck about women’s abotion rights and access. We were welcomed by Abortion Support Network’s CEO Ruth Taylor, VERVE’s Chief Feminist Operative Anna Quick-Palmer and the fabulous illustrator Sue Dray. The stories of the women ASN have assisted were shared with us and despite being a painful reminder that women’s bodies continue to be patrolled and controlled, they brought us hope and relief for the future. As Sue directed us through the night, the energy flowed throughout everyone and our drawings- we got angry, we laughed, we sang but most importantly we were all left moved and motivated to do something more. A HUGE Thank you to everyone who showed up, who donated and even signed up to raise £100 for ASN’s 10th anniversary. 


  • Talk to a friend about Abortion Support Network – many people have no idea that there are places around Europe where it’s illegal to get an abortion – if you want to know more, follow ASN’s social media accounts: @abortionsupport on twitter and @abortionsupportnetwork on Instagram. You can also sign up to ASN’s monthly newsletter: https://www.asn.org.uk/news/ - it’s informative, emotional and full of pro-choice snark.

  • Make a donation. ASN is run entirely on donations from individuals, so if you want to help fund the abortions and travel of clients who need them, make a one-off donation, or set up a monthly gift to know you’re making a real difference to women’s lives: https://donate.asn.org.uk/gb-en/donate

  • Get involved with ASN’s 10th birthday campaign! We’re looking for 100 people to raise £100 each, to £10,000 total. Are you up for it? A bake sale, a quiz night, a 5km run or whatever you fancy: https://mailchi.mp/asn/wefundabortions

  • Or can you do even more? £10k from 100 people will make such a difference, but we’re also looking for one generous person to match-fund and donate £10,000 to give us £20k in total. Is this you, or someone you know? If so, email ruth@asn.org.uk

Article by Team VERVE