Karma Footprint - My Bloody Galentine 2018 Rocked Our Feminist World

Image by Hedvig Ahlberg of A-H

Image by Hedvig Ahlberg of A-H


KARMA FOOTPRINT : £440 and SIX bin bags stuffed full of menstrual products for Bloody Good Period

WHO : Team VERVE London & BGP

WHAT : A Galentine’s Day Brunch

WHEN : 11 February 2018

WHY : Raising funds and Maxi’s for the incredible BGP

RECAP : Well that was AMAZING! 42 badass feminist broads brunched on bloody mary’s, fabulous food - thank you Ottolenghi -  and of course the obligatory VAGINA CUPCAKES!!!! - thank you OHNE.

VERVE’s 2nd #MyBloodyGalentine was a fabulous success!

The festivities began at 11am and we had to literally kick the last lingering ladies out at 4pm. A woman’s gotta nap after all...

To all the fierce feminists who purchased tickets, showed up and piled on the products - YOU ROCK VERVE’S WORLD!