Karma Footprint: The Great Get Together - A Picnic For Jo Cox

The Great Get Together

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £680 for K&C Foundation's Grenfell Tower Appeal & 200 new friends ;)

WHO : VERVE,  Women’s March on London & Pride In London

WHAT : An afternoon picnic in honour of the murdered Member of Parliament Jo Cox. The Great Get Together is a DIY event that encourages people to host their own picnics in order to get to know their neighbours and strengthen their communities. In a world where exclusion is rife and on the rise efforts toward inclusion are essential and as we’ve found, a shit load of fun….

WHEN : JUNE 18 2017

WHY : On Sunday June 18th VERVE teamed up with Women’s March on London & Pride In London for a local Sunday afternoon picnic in Clapham Common for The Great Get Together. Picnics baskets (or in our case VERVE totes ;-) were packed all over the UK in honour of the murdered Member of Parliament Jo Cox. 

All across the UK communities came together in what was estimated to be a turnout bigger than The Queen's Jubilee! Almost 200 people came together for our picnic in Clapham Common... Neighbors, family, co-workers and friends brought food, drink, a jumping castle and an inflatable unicorn. (my personal fav') which all made for a delightful afternoon. 

Giles cooked sausages, Jo baked Garlic Focaccia, I stirred up my Chickpea surprise, Cecilia brought the most fabulously sticky Cinnamon buns ever! Anna took cigarettes, diet coke and gum….. ;)

Did we mention the FREE beer!?! Breweries all across the UK came together to make tartan-tagged Great Get Together logo beer...!

Cheers to a wonderful picnic and hoping it will become an annual community event! 


What Is Karma Footprint? 

Your Karma Footprint is the amount of good you release into the atmosphere as a result of your actions as individuals, organizations, communities and collectives.

VERVE events are centered around women coming together in cities all over the world in order to harness our power, wield it wisely, and make a difference in a very real way.

"What you do matters."