KARMA FOOTPRINT : VERVE Calais Volunteer Trip With Refugee Community Kitchen - August 2018

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KARMA FOOTPRINT : £800 for Refugee Community Kitchen  

“By 2015 we'd seen tens of thousands of people forced to leave their homes, risking their lives in search of refuge and safety in the Europe.

We could no longer stand by as we watched people living in horrid conditions in makeshift camps in Europe,

Since the 1st of December 2015 Refugee Community Kitchen has served over two million meals. We also serve hot food five nights a week at multiple points in London. We are committed to showing up rain or shine, and doing everything we can to make sure that no one goes hungry.” - Refugee Community Kitchen

WHAT : A volunteer trip to Calais, France to chop vegetables (all meals are vegan), wash pots and pans, put tents together, sort donations, serve food and help with anything else needed.

WHO : 7 badass VERVE feminists walked their talk and road tripped it to France blasting Madonna (It was her BDay) all the way.

WHEN : 16-19 August 2018 (seems like ages ago and we’re already looking forward to our November trip contact us HERE for details


  • Your generous donations totalling £800 will feed 1,600 women, children and men

  • The refugee crisis is one of the most urgent and critical feminist issues facing women and girls today.  

  • 25,800 unaccompanied/separated/orphaned children arrived on Italian shores in 2016.

  • 10+ thousand child refugees have been reported missing after reaching Europe, and many of them are believed to have fallen victim to trafficking and sexual exploitation.

  • 75% of Syrian refugees are women and children.

RECAP : Is it wrong to say that it was a wonderful weekend???

That it was fun??

We don’t think so. We fed 1,300 refugees, fixed and put together a shit load of tents, washed who knows how man HUGE cooking pots and chopped literally mountains of vegetables. We also learned a lot about ourselves, had some serious laughs and did some hardcore bonding.

Don’t believe me…. Check out a testimonial…

“Our weekend in Calais was a completely eye-opening experience, in turns both heartbreaking and uplifting. It was tragic to see the conditions and constant uncertainty that the refugees live with daily, and humbling to see how kind and open many are in spite of that. I was completely amazed by the volunteer effort in Calais- both with individual volunteers and with the organisation as a whole. It was amazing to hear about the innovation and ingenuity that the volunteer organisations have used to continue their work in adverse political situations, deal with constant volunteer turnover, and ensure no donation or bit of volunteer time is wasted. There were so many volunteers who have given endless time and energy, and keep the spirit in the warehouse positive and welcoming.”

  • Clara

CALL TO ACTION: There are so many ways each of us can make a daily difference in lives on refugees. If you can’t come with us on our next trip you can still provide a hot meal, a place to sleep, a warm coat and a little hope simply by donating money and/or much needed goods for the coming winter. Give! Come! Just do whatever you can.

Go to Refugee Community Kitchen  and find out more.

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