Karma Footprint: VERVE HQ Prosecco Think Tank | London // AUG 2018 - Buy From A Black Woman

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KARMA FOOTPRINT : London HQ PTT and the U.S. PTT are thrilled to be able to tell you that YOU gave shit and raised $1,216 for Buy From A Black Woman

Congratulations to the black woman who worked her ass of and earned this opportunity to write her own story. Bravo!

WHO : Team VERVE London & Nikki Porcher (pronounced ‘porshay’ ;-) Founder of BFABW

WHAT : A Prosecco Think Tank where we had a conversation about how we can stop funding our oppressors (patriarchy, racism, genderism) and how we support each other, black women in particular, instead.

WHEN : 30 August 2018

WHY: Because female participation (worse if it’s a black woman) in business ownership is directly associated with higher credit rejection probability.

Under-capitalisation hinders women’s (more if it’s a black woman) prospects and their confidence in their ability to start a business.

In every region, women have a greater level of fear of financial failure than men.

A third of the female population would start a business if it wasn’t for the fear of financial failure.The predominant source of start-up finance for black women is friends and family.

AND: because women of color are earth’s most abundant, resourceful, brave, brilliant, talented and beautiful natural resource and yet they are also our most abused, feared, hated, murdered, objectified, enslaved, undereducated, and underinvested in.  

OH: and for many black women during post-Emancipation, self-employment was the only economy they were allowed to participate in.

ALMOST DONE: Black women are much more likely to be the primary breadwinner in their family and are more likely to be the caregivers of children, the elderly, and the ill. Entrepreneurship is often the best option for them.

FACT: Women put more of their income into educating and supporting their families directly.

WHAT YOU MISSED:  Skype call with BFABW Nikki. Fucking genius….

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We encourage our community to take the next step and consider ways you can use your money - one of our most, currently and potentially, powerful tools - for the benefit of other women.

An easy example: Do you like eating out? Find a female a woman owned restaurant near you. Be more intersectional and look for restaurants owned by women of color.

And if you can’t find one, invest in one….


First - Head over to Nikki Porcher’s Charity: Buy From A Black Woman ~ If it won’t break you, because it could be the making of her  ;)

Read Buy From A Black Woman


See how your biases (yes you have them) reflect your reactions, interactions, politics, decisions, relationships, essentially your everything in everything you say and do.  

Harvard Implicit Bias Test - Fast Easy Worthwhile Interesting Revealing


Check out places like this to find woman of colour owned businesses:

Official Black Wall Street

Janet’s List


And read these books:

Eloquent Rage by Britney Cooper

Women, Race and Class by Angela Davis