Karma Footprint - VERVE HQ Think Tank with FORWARD




WHAT : A VERVE HQ Think Tank

WHEN : 12 June 2019

WHY : Raising funds and awareness on the badass work FORWARD does


RECAP : 48 people with VERVE gathered on Wednesday night to hear from FORWARD’s Exectutive Director Naana Otoo-Oyortey MBE, women’s rights activist and Programme Officer Angela Muruli and Researcher Solomon Zewolde a volunteer change agent and champion of the fight against FGM. They shared anecdotes, tackled the myths of FGM and how we need to culturally and professional dispel harmful narrative along with the importance of practicing empathetic language and recognising the role of male allies in the fight for change. They discussed their main areas of work which remain highly underfunded but extremely necessary for them to safeguard the women and girls who are affected by FGM and multiple forms of violence in the UK. Here are some of our favourite, powerful quotes from the evening:

“FGM happens not because of being African or being Muslim it happens because they are girls! We need solidarity from all women on this issue.”

“It is not consent, it is submission. It is submission to the patriarchy and men.”

“I do this because FGM makes me angry. Anger is a form of empathy.”

A massive thank you to everyone who came, listened, shared, donated and raffled it up! Shoutout to Heggie for the great photos.


Donate...to FORWARD

Lend your voice...on social media and help raise awareness. You can help FORWARD gain visibility and recognition for their work

Fundraise...lead your very own awareness raising campaign, this can be a talk or even a marathon

Get involved...join or volunteer with community led initiatives and charities

Have a conversation.. Talk to two people about what you learned

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Desert Flower by Waris Dirie

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People getting shit done...

Naana Otoo-Oyortey (Activist and Director of FORWARD)

Nimco Ali (Activist and Co-Founder of NGO Daughters of Eve)

Hibo Wardere (Refugee, Author, Campaigner)

Waris Dirie (Model, Author, Actress and Social Activist)

June Eric-Udorie (Youth activist, Writer, Feminist)  


Article by Team VERVE