Karma Footprint: VERVE PTT for WE STILL RISE Documentary - Jan 2018

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £270 for WE STILL RISE documentary

WHO : Team VERVE London

WHAT : A PTT to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the Women’s March

WHEN : 19 Jan 2018

WHY : 27 badass feminists got together at a woman lead animation studio to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Women’s March and tell our ‘Why We Marched’ stories. As with all of our PTT’s - we partner with projects and charities to raise money and shine some light on their cause. This month we partnered with Dagmara Kodlubanski for her WE STILL RISE documentary that provides an emotional and in-depth interviews of women all over the world who organized marches.

Cheers to all who showed up, drank, cried at the WE STILL RISE preview and shared their March stories. You rock our Feminist world!

Karma Footprint PTT