Bloody Galentine VERVE

In 2016 there were 65.3 million refugees and Internally Displaced People (“IDP”) - half (32+ million) of whom are women and girls.

Imagine having to flee your home with only the clothes on your back.

Imagine traveling thousands of miles by foot for months.

Imagine having no toilets.

Imagine having no fresh water to drink or wash with.

Imagine living in a refugee camp for years where there are no private sanitation procedures or facilities for women and girls.

Now imagine you are having your period….

VERVE members and friends are invited to join us for Bloody Mary’s, Frittatas, and a bloody good cause!  

What: My Bloody GALentines Brunch

Why: VERVE has partnered with the London based organization Women for Refugee Women  to raise funds, collect sanitary products and encourage awareness about the difficulties refugee women and girls face when they run from deadly conflict.

How: VERVE asks that each guest make a £10 donation and/or bring at least one package of sanitary products to be given to Women for Refugee Women

Who: VERVE - Members & Friends

When: Sunday Feb 12th @11:30am

Where: SW3 ~ RSVP for location details

Can’t make the brunch? Make a donation HERE - Be sure to tag VERVE in the memo line.

Come on, it’ll be fun!


Article by Erin Whiteley

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