Bras and maxis…

What we take for granted is an unaffordable luxury for others.

The next time you see a woman living on the street remind yourself that violence against women is a principal cause of women’s homelessness.

-  93% of homeless mothers experienced at least one trauma in their lives
-  81% experienced multiple traumatic events
-  79%  experienced trauma in childhood
-  82% in adulthood
-  91% in both adulthood and childhood
-  Violent victimization was the most common traumatic experience
-  70% have been physically assaulted by a family member or someone they knew
-  50% have been sexually assaulted
Imagine having to choose between a sandwich and a box of maxi pads when the sandwich costs half as much…
Imagine bleeding through the only pair of pants you own…
Feminine hygiene products are typically a scarcity at shelters because they are costly and menstruation is still taboo. Most of us have never thought about how homeless women handle their periods. Without products and no way of washing, displaced women are vulnerable to infections from reusing dirty socks and t-shirts to manage their flow.
Team VERVE NYC has partnered with Support The Girls to collect feminine hygiene products (overnight maxis with wings!) and bras for distribution to women living life outside.


WHAT:   My Bloody GALentine Brunch

WHEN:   February 25, 2017

WHERE: V Bar Seaport  //  212 Front Street, NY, NY 10038

HOW:     Purchase a ticket for brunch ($20) and bring a bra (used is fine, these women are not picky) and/or at least 2 packages of maxis with wings.


If you can’t make brunch, you can still help these women maintain some dignity by donating directly to Support The Girls CrowdRise. 

Article by Jami Vandine

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