Next Generation Feminists: Introducing A New VERVE Initiative

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The online world has brought with it many fabulous things, dog memes, the Yodelling Walmart Boy, and best of all; a generation of passionate political youth that now have the access to see the world from all corners and are driven to change it for the better. Here at VERVE we believe in the power that the next generation holds, we see them as a glimmer of hope for a better and more equal world. - Although we may be obsessed with our phones and avocado on toast, us millennials aren’t all bad!

VERVE Next Generation Feminists, are a collective of young, action-driven intersectional feminists challenging misogyny and gender inequality through awareness raising campaigns, network building initiatives and the empowerment of young women.

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We are all about supporting the causes that we care about. From domestic violence, human rights infringements, and workplace or university harassment to anti-racism initiatives, we recognise the multiple forms of oppression that women face around the world. Through empowerment events, fundraising initiatives and direct involvement in activism projects, we are passionate about mobilising young people to drive change, make a difference and be the next generation of feminist activists.

We will be facilitating a feminist speed networking fundraiser event! This will be a great opportunity to be in an empowering environment, with people that share similar views as you (also a great environment to bring your mate that’s just getting into feminism). £1 of your ticket cost will be DONATED to My Body Back Project AND MATCHED by an intersectional feminist who gives a fuck….


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My Body Back Project is a charity Next Generation Feminists will be donating to for the remainder of the year in order to make an impact on the lives of women who have been victim to sexual violence. The My Body Back Project, “works with women who have experienced sexual violence, regarding their physicality” and encourages these victims to learn to love their bodies again. My body back provides crucial services, such as a cervical screening clinic, and a maternity clinic especially for those that have experienced sexual violence, in a space where they can feel safe and as relaxed as possible.

We have chosen to contribute to the My Body Back Project as we share the same vision of a society in which all women should be able to reclaim their sexuality and bodies as their own.  As well as screenings, the charity provides victims of sexual trauma, a network of support with their Cafe V sessions, they take place on a Saturday morning every 2 months, they provide snacks, coffee and a safe, non judgemental space, “to talk about enjoying sex again – by themselves or with a partner – and any problems they may be experiencing.” As they mainly focus on the restoration of sexuality for sexual violence victims, they have also comprised The Clit List, a list of erotic media that is explicitly feminist, non-violent, non-misogynistic, to help sexual abuse survivors to reclaim their sexuality at a time and pace that suits them.


“The project is essentially about women reclaiming power over their lives, their bodies and their choices, and we believe that feminism is the driving force behind our vision.” - My Body Back Project


The Next Generation Feminist Collective sees the importance in charities such as My Body Back Project, and we believe strongly that the work that they are doing will benefit many women that are recovering from sexual violence. We will be hosting many more social events throughout the year, so stay tuned to all @verve_up social channels to keep updated. The next generation of feminists is one that sees the potential of the youth of today and wants to utilise the passion we have to create positive change in our communities. We hope that you will join Next Generation Feminists in voicing our direction for a bright future for all women and girls.

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