Stand Up (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

  1. to state or show publicly that you support someone or something;

especially when something unpleasant or dangerous could happen to you as a result


"Stand Up For Something" is sung by singer songwriter Andra Day and the poet, actor, rapper and activist Common and it is my new favorite Intersectional Feminist Fight Song (IFFS).

Common, together with Diane Warren wrote this song for the 2017 film  “Marshall” a biographical movie based around the life of Thurgood Marshall America’s first African-American Supreme Court Justice. It rightly deserved the Best Original Song nomination at the the 90th Academy Awards

Of her reaction to the script Warren said:  

"I scribbled down 'it all means nothing if you don't stand up for something…….I kind of had a vision of the song I wanted to write for this. And I wanted to write a song that could have been sung by Sam Cooke. Like 'A Change Is Gonna Come,' or 'People Get Ready.' Those kinds of songs."


Diane Eve Warren is a songwriter who has written 9 number-one songs and 32 top 10 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Warren is the winner of a Grammy, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, 3 consecutive Billboard Music Awards for Songwriter of the Year, and was nominated for 9 Oscars.

Warren with Lady Gaga

Warren with Lady Gaga

Andra Day came to broad national attention when she sang the moving call to action Rise Up (goose bumps) at the Democratic National Convention In 2016 following the rousing speech by Mothers of the Movement whose African American children were killed by police and gun violence.

The same year Day received the Powerhouse Award at the Billboard Women in Music event and spoke of how she hopes to inspire others to activism.

Andra Day Rise Up

"I think you just remind them of their value, you remind them of their purpose. You remind them that you are not here just to exist, you're here to impact people in their lives...I think it just reinforces that." - Andra Day

Warren, Day and Common

Warren, Day and Common

Common has earned the entertainment industries rare distinction as a “triple threat” having won Emmy, Golden Globe and multiple Oscar awards and nominations.  

His most recent hits have given whole new meaning to the term "musical activism." And his activism doesn’t end when the music stops.

Common walks his talk. Over 10 years ago Common started the Common Ground Foundation a program that helps inner-city kids from his hometown Chicago.

“I feel like I have a lot more work to do . . . I feel like I have to be more intelligent with the work and strategize more. I have to listen more and go out and do more work. It is no time for sitting back, now. This is the time to stand up, more than anything.” - Common

In 2015, Common won both the Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Original Song, for "Glory," his and John Legend's powerful from Ava DuVernay's 2014 film, “Selma”.

When it comes to stirring hearts, rousing spirits and inspiring minds Warren, Common and Day are the true “Triple Threat”.

I will be spending my weekend listening my way through Warrens long list of hits.

#StandUpForSomething #Sacrifice #Believe #JustDoTheRightThing

Happy listening…

Songs written by Warren.

1, HOW DO I LIVE, LeAnn Rimes, No. 2, 12/13/1997

2, UN-BREAK MY HEART, Toni Braxton, No. 1 (11 weeks), 12/7/1996

3, BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME, Celine Dion, No. 1 (6 weeks), 3/23/1996

4, LOOK AWAY, Chicago, No. 1 (2 weeks), 12/10/1988

5, NOTHING'S GONNA STOP US NOW, Starship, No. 1 (2 weeks), 4/4/1987

6, BLAME IT ON THE RAIN, Milli Vanilli, No. 1 (2 weeks), 11/25/1989

7, WHEN I SEE YOU SMILE, Bad English, No. 1 (2 weeks), 11/11/1989

8, LOVE WILL LEAD YOU BACK, Taylor Dayne, No. 1 (1 week), 4/7/1990

9, DON'T TURN AROUND, Ace of Base, No. 4, 6/18/1994

10, RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT, DeBarge, No. 3, 4/27/1985

11, FOR YOU I WILL, Monica, No. 4, 4/19/1997

12, HAVE YOU EVER?, Brandy, No. 1 (2 weeks), 1/16/1999

13, IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME, Cher, No. 3, 9/23/1989

14, I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING, Aerosmith, No. 1 (4 weeks), 9/5/1998

15, I DON'T WANNA LIVE WITHOUT YOUR LOVE, Chicago, No. 3, 8/27/1988

16, I GET WEAK, Belinda Carlisle, No. 2, 3/19/1988

17, HOW CAN WE BE LOVERS, Michael Bolton, No. 3, 5/5/1990

18, SAVING FOREVER FOR YOU, Shanice, No. 4, 1/30/1993

19, JUST LIKE JESSE JAMES, Cher, No. 8, 12/23/1989

20, I'LL BE YOUR SHELTER, Taylor Dayne, No. 4, 7/14/1990

21, TIME, LOVE AND TENDERNESS, Michael Bolton, No. 7, 9/14/1991

22, WHO WILL YOU RUN TO, Heart, No. 7, 10/3/1987

23, IF YOU ASKED ME TO, Celine Dion, No. 4, 7/11/1992

24, SET THE NIGHT TO MUSIC, Roberta Flack with Maxi Priest, No. 6, 11/16/1991

25, WHEN I'M BACK ON MY FEET AGAIN, Michael Bolton, No. 7, 8/4/1990

26, SOLITAIRE, Laura Branigan, No. 7, 5/21/1983

27, I'LL NEVER GET OVER YOU (GETTING OVER ME), Expose, No. 8, 7/17/1993

28, I TURN TO YOU, Christina Aguilera, No. 3, 7/1/2000

29, THE ARMS OF THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU, Xscape, No. 7, 5/30/1998

30, THE ONE I GAVE MY HEART TO, Aaliyah, No. 9, 11/15/1997

31, WHEN THE NIGHT COMES, Joe Cocker, No. 11, 1/20/1990

32, CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT, LeAnn Rimes, No. 11, 3/2/2002

33, MUSIC OF MY HEART, 'N Sync & Gloria Estefan, No. 2, 10/16/1999

34, YOUR BABY NEVER LOOKED GOOD IN BLUE, Expose, No. 17, 5/26/1990

35, LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING, Cher, No. 17, 8/3/1991

36, LIVE FOR LOVING YOU, Gloria Estefan, No. 22, 12/14/1991

37, THERE YOU'LL BE, Faith Hill, No. 10, 6/30/2001

38, EVERYTHING CHANGES, Kathy Troccoli, No. 14, 4/25/1992

39, MISSING YOU NOW, Michael Bolton, No. 12, 3/14/1992

40, THROUGH THE STORM, Aretha Franklin & Elton John, No. 16, 5/27/1989

Article by VERVE Founder & CFO (Chief Feminist Operative) Anna Quick Palmer