On The Street - A Poem By Louise Mason

This poem is written by Louise Mason a friend of VERVE who at 6 months old was abandoned by her mother and father.

Louise was taken into care and over the next 15 years was moved from facility to foster home to facility to foster home more times than she can remember.

At 16 the state put her out on the street. Louise is now 38 and has been “living rough” for almost a decade. Like 80% of homeless women and children Louise has had the courage to flee domestic abuse only to face the indignities and perils of the street.


On The Street

Black shoes, brown shoes

Clip clop, clip clop

High heels, sandals

Clip clop, clip clop

Trainers, dolly shoes

Clip clop, clip clop


All these shoes that walk past me

half the owners don’t even notice me

I just merge into the wall

no one hears my call


In my eyes you’ll see despair and pain

sitting on these streets once again


Maybe someone will feel sorry for me

then give me a pound or something to eat


Others bustling on with their lives

they don’t notice what goes on in real life

even though it’s right in front of their eyes


Others can be very rude and make me feel so very small

some have even made me cry

but that’s a normal day in my life


Now and then someone will stop

and maybe even wants to talk

wants to know what’s going on with me

not realizing being homeless isn’t easy


A child comes up and gives me some change

I say thank you and smile again


Sometimes it’s nice the people I meet


I just wish I hadn’t met them begging on the street

being dependent on strangers for whether I’ll sleep or eat


So when your shoes go

clip clop

please try and take the time to stop


Poem by Louise Mason