Plus Size Barbie

“Plus-size” Barbie Is the latest addition to Mattel’s “Sheroes” line. The doll, meant to represent “curvy” model Ashley Graham, is as disturbing as it is unfortunately refreshing. “Plus-size” used to mean sizes 12 and up. More recently the fashion industry has begun to label sizes as small as 8 “Plus-size”.

With the average American woman being a size 14 the term “Plus-size” implies that these women and their bodies are not, nor should be, considered the norm. While I applaud Mattel’s efforts to create dolls that represent the diversity that is America, I despair the “Labels” they seem to feel are necessary. The original doll was not called “Skinny White Blonde” Barbie because skinny, white and blonde were, and for all practical purposes still are, considered to be the ideal body type, hair and skin tone. For the sake of our friends, sisters and daughters the advertising, fashion and film world needs to accept and understand that there is no, and never has been a female “norm” whether it be in appearance, personality or character. As of now Mattel’s “Sheroes” line is not being distributed and is perhaps merely a token gesture/nod to the garment industry's most financially lucrative demographic.

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer

Plus Size Barbie
Anna Quick-Palmer