Karma Footprint VERVE

Q.   What happens when you sit down at a kitchen table with 12 women from 5 countries speaking 4 different languages, ages 28 - 73, fuel them with Prosecco and ask, “Why are you a feminist?”  “When did you realize you were one?” “What do you wanna do about it?”

A.   Laughter, tears, confessions and a few “I love you guys ”....

Q.   What did we decide to do about it?

A.   Because so many of us agreed that women and children refugees are one of the world’s most urgent current tragedies VERVE has decided to organize a trip to the Dunkirk Refugee Center

We’ve spoken with the people in charge and asked what VERVE can do to improve the lives of the women living in the camp. Turns out it’s manis & pedis!

VERVE Team London is rounding up our friends in the beauty biz and heading over to host a Spa day. Don’t worry we’ll keep you posted…. Thank you for making our first ever Prosecco Think Tank inspiring, fun and MAGICAL!

VERVE Team London hosts monthly #ProseccoThinkTanks - head to our EVENTS page for our next event. 

Resist + Persist + Assist 

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer