Karma Footprint: VERVE HQ Prosecco Think Tank | London // 31 May 2018

VERVE Prosecco Think Tank
VERVE Prosecco Think Tank

KARMA FOOTPRINT : £170 for Welcome Kitchen

WHO : Team VERVE London & Welcome Kitchen

WHAT : A Prosecco Think Tank at which we collected funds for WK and raised awareness about the current and future refugee crisis. Specifically how it affects women & children.

WHEN : 31 May 2018


  • The refugee crisis is one of the most urgent and critical feminist issues facing women and girls today.  

  • ¾ of Syrian refugees are women and children.

  • 25,800 unaccompanied/separated/orphaned arrived on Italian shores in 2016.

  • 120 million girls are not in school due to war/conflict.

  • Due to conflicts worldwide 41 % of young displaced Syrian girls were married off before the age of 18.

  • 10+ thousand child refugees have been reported missing after reaching Europe, and many of them are believed to have fallen victim to trafficking and sexual exploitation.

RECAP : World Refugee Day is June 20th and in an effort to inform ourselves 17 passionate feminists gathered together at VERVE HQ for a discussion on how the refugee crisis has and is affecting women and children world wide.

CALL TO ACTION: After a meaningful conversation - we hope to encourage our community to take the next step and offer a few ideas on how to take words into action with call to action ideas.

Here are some charities that you can give to, learn from or get involved with:
Christian Aid
Help Refugees
Médecins Sans Frontiers
Refugee Community Kitchen

Get on this mobile app:
Timepeace App

Human Flow
Refugee Diaries

Read up on:
Family Reunification 
Global - UN policy issues on Refugees

Read this book:
The Good Immigrant




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