27 Oct 2016•  Women

Synonyms for “naked” -  Helpless, Defenseless, Divested, Vulnerable.

Take a walk through ANY museum in the world and you wouldn’t be remiss in assuming that historically (and currently) women have been either Madonnas or whores. Galleries and museums the world over are filled with female nudes being raped, enslaved, slaughtered or holding a baby boy to their naked breast.

Sexism in Art

Is the art of the female nude sexism? Obscenity? Harmless? Beautiful? Objectification? Exploitation? Natural? Depraved? Is it up to the individual to decide? I don’t know, but what I do know is that when I stand next to a man in front of a female nude I feel a bit vulnerable and slightly exposed. Maybe female artists are in their studios furiously drawing naked women but it doesn’t matter because the likelihood of their art being shown in a museum is just slightly more than nil.

Check out the Guerrilla Girls, a group of anonymous female artists addressing sexism and racism within the art world. 

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer

Sexism in Art
Anna Quick-Palmer