She's So Verve

Samantha Bee

Those of us who relied on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” for humor, political commentary, and confirmation of our liberal democratic bias are familiar with Samantha Bee. If you’re a fan of John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, you are gonna love Samantha Bee. She’s mastered the fine art of hysterical social commentary rants. When I watch her I laugh, clap, fist pump and then forward the latest show to all my friends (sorry/NOT sorry). I wanna have lunch with Samantha. I want her to be my daughter’s Godmother and their not even baptized…... I wanna have sleepovers and pillow fights with her*, go on vacation with her, share winks and private jokes with her. If she hasn’t shown up yet on your radar, fix your radar…. ;-)

*It’d be cool if Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kristen Wiig and Beyonce came too…. 

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer