#ShesgotVERVE - Why We Love Carmen Yulín Cruz


Carmen YulÍn Cruz...

A woman who gives a fuck about Puerto Rico.

Carmen Yulin Cruz


Character and Personality

Cruz was the first person to win Carnegie Mellon University’s “Spirit Award”, which is given to “the student with the greatest positive impact on the quality of life of their peers”.


Education and Experience

Cruz graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in political science from Boston University. Then she earned her MS in public management from Carnegie Mellon.

Prior to Cruz’s Mayoral run she was the director of human resources for Banco Popular, Colgate-Palmolive, Scotiabank, Cellular One, and the U. S.Treasury Department.



In 2008 Cruz who has affiliations with the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), ran for the Puerto Rico House of Representatives and won.

She became Speaker in the Commission of Women’s Affairs shortly after the election.

Cruz’s 1012 Mayoral platform stressed progressive change regarding gender equality, universal healthcare, for disabled and LGBTQ rights at the same time drafting a bill to make “Hate Crime Awareness Day” an actual day. It still hasn’t passed.


Carmen Yulin Cruz




Shining a light on how some Americans only know Puerto Rico as a desirable tropical vacation...

“We will no longer be able to hide our poverty and our inequality with palm trees and piña coladas.”
“Before you could go somewhere and all these green trees and palms trees would be literally hiding away the more disadvantaged areas of San Juan and of Puerto Rico... They are raw there [now] for us to see.”


Regarding Claims that damaged infrastructure, ports and roads made it impossible to get aid thru...

“How have I been able to get to these towns? I take my trucks, if there’s a tree in the way we get it out and move it out of the way, we push on.”
"We are dying here... And I cannot fathom the thought that the greatest nation in the world cannot figure out logistics for a small island of 100 miles by 35 miles long... People are drinking off a creek. So I am done being polite. I am done being politically correct. I am mad as hell... So I am asking the members of the press, to send a mayday call all over the world. We are dying here... And if it doesn't stop, and if we don't get the food and the water into people's hands, what we are going to see is something close to a genocide".


On who natural disasters affect the worst...

“It is the women that carry the burden of the homes and taking care of the sick, the elderly and those with special needs. And I just think it’s going to be compounded when they have to go to work. Because where will their children stay? Definitely, it’s women who are hit the hardest."

On the immorality of being late with insufficient aid...

“Why would you systematically deny food and water and medication to a group of people? It’s close to genocide.”
"Killing us with inefficiency"
“Rather than dying from a horrendous act of nature, we’re dying from the horrendous inaction of men and women ― of one particular man — because I’ve seen the FEMA people who are out on the field... Their hearts go out. They want to do more.”


On Trump tweeting that Cruz was “nasty” to him...

“An insult from Mr. Trump is a badge of courage, thank God,”
“There’s a stark contrast between a country (America) with a big heart and a President with a big mouth, who doesn’t seem to have any limits on how he disrespects people that do not think or believe or act as he expects them to.”
“I am done being polite,......I am done being politically correct. I am mad as hell, so I am asking the members of the press to send a mayday call all over the world.”
“I have no time for distractions. All I have is time for people to move forward,.........This isn’t about me, this isn’t about anyone. This is about lives that are being lost. This is a time where everyone shows her true colors.”


On Trump going there...

"This isn’t about me or politics. I’m not going to be the face you see out there just giving you a box of food for the photo op. I’m the face of the person who is going to make sure somebody gets that to you ...
so like the last scene of Gone With the Wind,
'Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.'"
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Article by Anna-Quick Palmer

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