There is a Doctor in Kenya who is building a hospital brick by brick for women suffering with Obstetric Fistula. He has dedicated his professional life to restoring dignity to women (often mere girls) who’ve borne dead babies, lost husbands, friends and family because they like an estimated 1,000,000 girls and very young women worldwide were married as children, impregnated as teens and due to a lack of available maternal healthcare labored at home for days before finally being brought to a doctor usually miles away and often by wheelbarrow only to deliver a stillborn and be told that they are now so damaged “down there” that they will leak urine and/or feces from their vaginas for the rest of their lives. 


When VERVE learned that Fistula Foundation had a sponsor offering to match all donations during the month of September our community committed itself to finding a way to help. What we came up with was Brunch4Bricks. VERVE pledged to donate $25 on behalf of every woman who VerveUp’d and chowed down in their home town. On a yummy Sunday 60 members around the world gathered their friends together for mimosas and waffles. Our pledge along with the generous doubling by the anonymous sponsor raised over $3000. Our great time is partly responsible for building the long overdue Gynocare Fistula & Women's Hospital in Kenya.

In coming together for a simple and delicious meal we were recognizing ourselves, our sisters, friends and daughters in the women and girls suffering terribly sitting silently on the sidelines of a life robbed of friendship, motherhood, love and a future full of possibilities.

That felt (and tasted ;-) ) so good.

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer


Anna Quick-Palmer