Social Good Summit

The United Nations Foundation and Mashable hosted the 2016 Social Good Summit at New York City’s 92Y.
The mission is to create a plan of 17 sustainable development goals to better the world by 2030. And if we take action and follow that plan over the next 14 years, the results will truly be extraordinary.
So what type of world do we want to live in by the year 2030?

  • One where refugees can have access to the basic needs most of us have; food, shelter, clean water and education. As Yursa Mardini stated, refugees didn’t want to be forced to flee their homes, abandon everything they have and end up in camps with nothing in foreign countries with foreign cultures and foreign languages.
  • One where technological advances, collaboration, transparency of resources & data can allow us consume less resources, fight infectious disease smarter, and beat cancer.
  • One where women & girls live in a world that is free from child marriage, where they can access medical care to have healthy pregnancies, where all girls are allowed to receive an education… a world where equality is the norm. And like President of Malawi Dr. Joyce Banda said, having women in positions of authority is a good step to have our voices heard.

We are all Global Citizens, and we all have the ability to take action now. Not tomorrow, not next week or next year, but now!! In the words of Chelsea Handler, be informed, be bold, and don’t be passerby! Action is the key to transformation- and the time is now.

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Article by Rita Brown


Rita Brown