29 Team VERVE London members showed their inner and outerSHEro at the VERVE first annual My Bloody GALentine and it was a thing to behold… 

Bloody Galentine VERVE

The first guest arrived at 11:35am and the last stumbled her way home just before 5pm. We probably should have warned everyone we’d  spiked the Bloody Mary Mix*.... 

Today Erin and I had the profound pleasure of visiting  

Women for Refugee Women  and delivered a mountain of pads and tampons as well as a £400 donation. Way to exceed expectations Team VERVE London! What we do matters. Every act of kindness and show of compassion is a form of bravery and there is nothing more thrilling or inspiring than being surrounded by courageous women. But you knew that….. 

Bloody Galentine VERVE

Team VERVE London My Bloody GALentine Brunch attendees you probably remember who you are but I’ll remind you….Sue, Yolanda, Portia, Sally, Rawnak, Olivia, Martina, Guilia, Karen, Claire, Saira, Giovanna, Clayre, Laura, Giovanna, Sara, Marie, Emmie, Meg, Carlee, Paige, Kelly, Katie, Eliza and Tilly. 

Your enthusiasm, generosity and high spirits once again proved that it can be (a lot!) of fun to have a purpose…. 

Thank you for Rockin’ VERVE’s world XO  

***Big Tom’s Spiced Tomato Juice

Absolute(ly) divine…… ;-)

Article by Erin Whiteley

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