They're Killing Themselves And It's Our Fault

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In North America 44,193 people kill themselves every year.
13% of Americans take their own lives.That’s 121 suicides per day.
Over the past 15 years (1999 - 2014) the U.S. annual suicide rate has increased 24%.
Hard data doesn’t prove* but does suggest that 1 out of every 12 suicide attempts are “successful”.

You think that’s depressing? Take a look at the suicide rates and attempts for trans people.

Rate of suicide attempts (%) - Trans Suicide
  • 42% of Trans women report a suicide attempt at least once in their lifetime.

  • 46% of Trans men will make an attempt within their lifetime.

  • 44% of Female-assigned cross-dressers report attempting suicide.

Rate of transgender and gender non-confirming suicide attempts by gender identity (%) - Trans Suicide
  • 50+% of Trans Native Americans, Alaskan Natives and mixed-ethnicity/race respondents have tried to kill themselves.

  • 45% of Black Trans people attempt suicide.

Stats - Trans Suicide
  • 44% of Latino/a Trans people tried to take their own life

  • Asian, Pacific Islander, and white trans people have the lowest suicide attempt rates but they are still falling into deep deadly despair at 9 times higher than the national average.

Every one of these deaths is a tragedy. Each suicide attempt is the result of prejudice, transphobia, ignorance, fear, and inequality.

We need to start talking about why so many people of all ethnicities/genders/classes/religions are feeling so hopeless.

*Many suicide attempts go unreported due to religious and cultural beliefs

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Article by Anna Quick Palmer