This is Isabella Sobral: A Poem

This is Isabella Sobral (she goes by Izzy). She’s sixteen and loves art. She’s a writer living in Colorado and wrote a touching and insightful piece about the state of the world.


“To be honest I really don't know what inspired the piece. I woke up a few days ago, early in the morning and I really wanted to go back to sleep but these thoughts just kept bouncing around my head and I couldn't get rid of them. I finally decided to just give in and wrote them down. I know this is a major cliche but it really did feel like I was receiving the words, like I wasn't exactly thinking them as much as I was experiencing them.

I have grown up in an age unlike any before.
I have seen children separated from their parents and put into cages.
I have seen hundreds of thousands of people labeled as “evil” just for the color of their skin.
I have seen children grow up in foster care because someone somewhere just couldn’t handle the idea of two people of the same sex finding love.
I have seen kids just like me broken down, beaten, and bruised because they were born into the wrong body.
I have seen countless panic attacks and feeling like no matter how loudly you scream the world won’t hear you, that no one wants to hear you.
I have seen women suffer as people millions of miles away determine the fate of all their bodies, without question, without consideration, without a thought.
I have seen myself flinch as footsteps thunder past my classroom door.
I have seen other kids struggling to keep their heads above the endless tidal waves of growing up, before being pulled under because their schoolwork was just too much.
I have seen all this, and so much more.
I’ve stared out the window, asking myself over and over, how is this real? Is it all a nightmare? Some sick trick?
This is reality.
This is our country, this is our world, this is the way it’s always been.
Has it?
I’ve found myself lying in bed, unable to sleep, unable to breathe as I’m overcome with this horrible feeling of hopelessness. 
This feeling of how can someone like me stop all this? How am I supposed to help?
I’ve searched and prayed for a magic wand to wave it all away, to fix all the suffering, only to find that magic wands aren’t real, they never were.
Then I started to notice.
I noticed peers hold their breaths along with me as footsteps walked the school halls.
I spoke with friends and noticed that they also echoed my outrage and hunger for change.
I noticed teachers bite their tongues as another heartbreaking headline flashed on the news.
I noticed parents pour their hearts and souls into helping the people who needed it, the people that no one else seemed willing to help.
I noticed strangers speaking up for each other around the globe.
I noticed hope.
I realized there is no one magic wand that can fix this. No one person who can.
No one person created this.
This problem cannot be solved by one magic wand. 
It has to be solved by a million magic wands.
A million people, a hundred million, a billion.
There is no magic strong enough to fix it.
But there are 6.9 billion people who are stronger than any magic spell on the planet.
All that’s needed is teamwork, desire, and of course, hope.”

Introduction by Claire Ryder
VERVE Operative USA & Humanitarian Activist