Times When You Just Need A Man

Two days into the Secret Garden Party and the toilet in the RV is full….

It’s pouring rain and my girlfriends and I are hungover, muddy and covered glitter.

But that’s not an excuse for shouting “We need a man!”, it’s just an explanation….

Superman feminist

Once I forgave myself for the momentary lapse in my usually staunch feminism I made a list of the top 10 reasons I like to have a man who loves me within shouting distance.  

  1. To carry me out of a fire

  2. To fetch take away in the rain

  3. To have sex with (*if you’re a cis-woman and he’s not your dad, brother, boss, first cousin or best friends partner)

  4. To have children with (* see above)

  5. To carry luggage

  6. To get outta bed at 2:47am to “see what that noise is.”

  7. To change a flat tire and the batteries in the smoke detector

  8. To trap mice

  9. To explain “mansplaining" to

  10. To empty the overfull toilet of the rented RV….

I know that women can do ALL of these things. I know that I can do ALL of these things because I have, and I did not enjoy it. This is not a list of what I can’t do it’s a list of what I don’t like to do….  

This does not make me a “Bad Feminist”. It just means I’m lazy, I don’t like to get wet, I don’t pack light, I like dick, I love my kids, I can’t bear the sight of an animal suffering, I don’t like to get dirty unless it’s on purpose, I’m only 5’2” tall and I’m afraid of fire.

But these may not be reasons enough for you and that’s totally cool too….


#HesGotVERVE Too

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Article by Anna Quick-Palmer