VERVE 2018 Wrap/UP

January 2018


Kicking off 2018 with a feminist bang VERVE hosted our first Prosecco Think Tank (PTT) of the year with Dagmara Kodlubanski producer of the documentary  WE STILL RISE.

27 badass VERVE feminists went to a woman lead animation studio in celebration of the Women’s March first anniversary. We shared our “Why We Marched” stories and raised £270 in order to help get this film completed.

As with all of our PTT’s we partner with projects, organizations and charities in order to raise money and shine a light on the feminist causes most dear to our heads and our hearts.

Through interviews with the women who organized Women’s Marches in their own towns and cities all over the world we learn what it took physically, legally, emotionally and logistically to pull off the largest protest (peaceful!) since the beginning of the patriarchy (11,000 yrs btw….).

Then, on Sunday the 21st VERVE feminists joined the Times Up Rally in recognition of the 1yr anniversary of the “official” #MeToo movement. Despite the freezing fucking cold, we and 7,000 others rocked and rallied our frozen butts off.

February 2018

Our SECOND annual My Bloody Galentine Brunch was a ridiculous success! For this event VERVE partnered with the extraordinary women of Bloody Good Period. Turns out when 42 badass feminist broads brunch on bloody mary’s, fabulous food (thanks Ottolenghi) and vulva cupcakes (Shout/Out to Ohne) you can raise a very sisterly £440 and gather 6 bin bags (the garden sized ones!) jammed full of menstrual products for the bloody good work going on at Bloody Good Period.

March 2018

And then there was International Women’s Day. So, of course, on Thursday the 8th we played some serious “Prosecco Pong” and raised funds for Amina and her family who fled Iraq in fear for their lives against ISIS. Her plight was brought to our attention by Deborah Frances White aka The Guilty Feminist. Amina became paralysed after moving to Austria and was placed in a hospital over 6 hours away from her family.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise £240 for Amina and her family. The money raised for Amina allowed her husband, Yousef, and two young sons, aged 8 and 10, to visit her once a week, and provided other necessities to support her family’s welfare.


The day after that team VERVE hit the annually epic three day WOMEN OF THE WORLD Festival and continue to recommend it as a “one stop shop” for everything Intersectionally Feminist

We will be gathering together a group of VERVE women to do it all over again this year.

If you’re interested in joining us stay tuned…..

April 2018


On the 6th our London VERVE community got together for April’s Prosecco Think Tank… with a twist. Our dear friend Molly Melching the founder of Tostan (a ridiculously inspirational woman) and 30 VERVE loyalists and newbies hung out at VERVE London HQ for prosecco, pizza, funny, informative and meaningful conversation about what people in developing countries need and the best ways we can help them get it.

We collected to £370 for Tostan which will go to empowering African communities bring about sustainable development and positive social transformation based on respect for human rights.

OH, AND  Women In The World! For the third year in a row (it doesn’t get old..) a bunch of women with VERVE showed up at NYC Lincoln Center for a three day feminist extravaganza….. Bliss…..

May 2018

Welcome Sessions was launched by Welcome Kitchen + Cinema and VERVE was there.

We also threw a World Refugee Week PTT partnering again with Welcome Sessions to raise money (£170!) for Welcome Kitchen + Cinema

Shout/out to Chef Rose! We’re still dreaming about those chicken spring rolls….

June 23 2018

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 14.53.52.png

Hello Next Generation Feminists! VERVE’s NGF are a group of young, action-driven intersectional feminists challenging misogyny and gender inequality through awareness raising campaigns, network building initiatives and the empowerment of young women.

For its debut NGF hosted an intimate speed networking event on the Saturday the 23rd to raise money for the My Body Back Project a charity which “works with women who have experienced sexual violence, regarding their physicality” and encourages these victims to learn to love their bodies again.  £50 was raised for MBBP and all leftover food was donated to rough sleepers in Camden. Keep up the good work!

July 2018

On Friday the 13th (I know, right!?!?) women with VERVE cowgirled up we at the Trump protest with 250k other people and marched as a protest of Trump’s visit to the UK and because we despise everything he does, is and represents. We could practically touch the Big Bald Baby Trump…

AND, as of July you can now enjoy the VERVE SHE SAID Blogcast Podcast where we read and chat about  some of our most popular and poignant blogs.  

August 2018


On the 16th we took our first quarterly VERVE volunteer trip to Calais - 7 amazing women with VERVE went to Calais with Help Refugees & Refugee Community Kitchen where we volunteered for 3 eye opening (FUN!) days and raised £800 for Refugee Community Kitchen.

For our August PTT we partnered up Claire Ryder (a woman with serious VERVE) to raise funds and awareness for Buy From A Black Woman. We talked about how we can stop funding our oppressors (patriarchy, racism, genderism) and how we support each other, black women in particular, instead. London HQ PTT and the U.S. PTT were able to raise $1,216 for the initiative, fuck yeah.


Sept 2018  

Took a breather ;-)

Oct 2018

Welcome Kitchen + Cinema’s turned 2 and once again we partnered with the badass crew from WKC for a sold out screening of Oceans 8. Shout/Out to Luminary Bakery for their delish cakes for a good cause!

November 2018

NAME CHANGE! From now on Prosecco Think Tanks (PTTs) will be called VERVE Think Tank (VTTs)…

Don’t freak out, drinks will still be served! (Read why we changed the name of our Think Tanks HERE)

Our final VTT of 2018 with Jourdan McGinn (serious hardcore Shero) of Partners In Health Sierra Leone was enlightening (OMG!) and wonderfully well attended. Thank you for being women with VERVE.

PIH are a self-proclaimed Social Justice Organisation whose aim is to support the poor and most vulnerable. Sierra Leone sees some of the highest rates of maternal deaths; due to lack of care, of medication, of safe & clean spaces, electricity & familiarity. All you women with VERVE helped raise £1,410 for Partners In Health Sierra Leone.

(Read more about our VTT with Jourdan HERE and check out our in depth interview and conversation on the VERVE podcast Episode 26 HERE)



...Women with VERVE Operatives Claire Ryder, Amber Kibbey and Kelly Allen we love you! Thank you for hosting regular VTTs in your homes and workplaces throughout 2018.

…. Next Generation Feminists Chanju Mwanza, Pej Ayanwale, Yaz Omran, Eden Clark and Kaya Gromocki for all your hard work and dedication to VERVE and leading our Next Generation Collective.

…. Woman with VERVE Helena Burton Jones for helping us launch our VERVE blogcast and your badass blogging.

…..All of our amazingly loyal women with VERVE sisters! Most especially Jo, Gina, Clara, Karine who along with all the many badass intersectional feminists in the VERVE community are the reason we continue to Resist + Persist + Assist. Priceless….

…To our amazing VERVE bloggers - Claire, Chanju, Kate and Sarah B.

…. All of the amazing charities and organizations we became partners with in our endeavor to relieve suffering, save lives and provide opportunities for women and girls in places where being female makes life a difficult and dangerous journey.


This year is gonna be the year!

MBG_Logo_Black copy.png

The year we take VERVE VTTs into the workplace…. #GenderRevolution

This event always SELLS OUT! 3rd annual bloody brunch to benefit BLOODY GOOD PERIOD .

Tickets on sale now.

Article by Team VERVE