VERVE Think Tank: Taking The 'Prosecco' Out Of The Think Tank...

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VERVE is a global collective of badass intersectional feminists, connecting women online and ‘on-land’ through activism, volunteerism, fundraising and awareness events. We create forums and occasions, previously called “Prosecco Think Tanks,” to facilitate a safe and comfortable feminist environment to hold moderated discussions about what inspires us, what we are passionate about, what pisses us off and what we want to do about it. 

We are happy to announce that in our commitment to intersectionality, we’re taking the cocktail out of the name. Going forward our Think Tanks will be rebranded as VERVE Think Tanks (VTT). However, Vegan pizza and Cava will remain on the menu. VERVE Think Tanks (VTT) soft-launch in Autumn 2018 will coincide with our 2nd annual VERVE Global Think Tank campaign (formerly known as Prosecco Think Tank Global / PTTG) with a full launch Spring 2019. 

Our VERVE Prosecco Think Tanks gained international traction after being featured on Deborah Frances-Whites’ podcast The Guilty Feminist, and plans are underway for future Think Tank collaborations. We have hosted corporate VTT’s for YouTube, Google and VMLY&R, whilst our collective of badass feminists has hosted VTT’s in many cities, including London, Paris, Toulouse, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Prague, Bordeaux, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Tucson, NYC, Auckland and Tokyo. An incredible 500 + women have attended these events and 24 of our VERVE members have hosted VTT’s. Our next UK event is on the 29th November 2018 from 7-10pm in Southbank, London.

Nikki Porcher, founder of Buy from a Black Woman, one of our partner charities, stated that, ‘VTT’s are opening doors that others may not have known existed and giving women the courage to walk through them. So often we hear phrases thrown around that sometimes lose their substance or meaning.  VTT’s provide a safe space for women of all walks of life to gather. As a partner charity, it was amazing to see and be a part of this group of women who came together not to only voice their concerns but also ask the question, “How can I do more? What can I do better?”’

VERVE is currently taking our Think Tanks into the office, offering intersectional equality training, seminars and workshops.  

VERVE has its own Blogcast ‘VERVE She/Said’  presenting conversations with authors of current/relevant VERVE blogs.

We look forward to continuing our partnerships with and support of organizations like TostanBloody Good Period Buy from a Black WomanRefugee Community KitchenFistula Foundation and Women’s March on London to name a few, as well as to new and exciting collaborations in the near future.

“Once you know something, you can’t unknow it. When what you know is that we live in a deeply misogynistic world in which the lives of women and girls are in constant peril, it is impossible to forget. I am desperate for the world to care about its most oppressed citizens, both in developing countries and also here in the West. VERVE started as a global and intersectional feminist facebook page with 4 “likes” and now, 5 years later, we are a community of women and allies over 100,000 strong.” – Anna Quick-Palmer, Founder of VERVE