Fashion Illustration

You know your friends are smart and talented but when you get those rare opportunities to see them “do their thing” it blows you away. Watching a friend do a backflip perfectly, close a deal brilliantly, argue a case convincingly, sing beautifully, knit expertly, deliver a speech passionately, perform a successful surgery, write eloquently or twerk terrifically ;-) you are reminded of how lucky you are to have such dedicated and talented friends.

I got the chance to witness Sue Dray my friend - and VERVE member - give an extraordinary presentation of her work in front of hundreds at the London Apple Store last week. I sat there in awe of her talent for public speaking and her art. I kept thinking “I know her!”

If it’s been awhile since you’ve a pal do what they do best I highly recommend it. The vicarious thrill, renewed appreciation and respect you’ll feel is worth crossing town for.

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer