You made Herstory and we at VERVE are inspired and grateful to all of you who braved the elements, put on your Pussy Hats, and raised your voices not just as a protest but also as an act of love.

Over five million people took to the streets in the remotest places…. 

Nova Scotia... and the largest cities.... Los Angeles

Women's March
Women's March

…. All without a single arrest.

Aside from several cracked phones, bursting bladders, frozen toes, running noses, and the stripper poles in the Tucson VERVE March bus (no lie..) the worldwide Women’s March was an event and experience that eclipsed everyone’s expectations both politically and personally.

122 VERVE members and friends marched in Charleston, Tucson, Phoenix, NYC, DC, London, Prague, Paris, St Paul, Toronto, Los angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Augusta, Denver, Kansas City, San Francisco, Anchorage, Flagstaff, Aspen, Hartford, Boston, Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, Belgrade, Munich and Amsterdam.

That’s 11 countries and 29 cities! Holy WOW….

Women's March

VERVE London Marchers donated £450 to Fistula Foundation, enough to achieve our goal of paying for one women’s fistula repair surgery. Her hope and dignity will be restored because of you.

We also collected a HUGE box full of non-perishable food for London’s The Trussell Trust Food Bank to help feed hungry homeless women and children.

It’s now 5 days post march and we at VERVE are still riding the high. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels!

We are committed to continually using this positive energy to achieve freedom from oppression, misogyny and sexism. If you aren’t done doing the right thing please go to Women’s March on London or Women’s March on Washington and discover what you and your friends can do to keep up the cause.

At VERVE we know that it’s fun and exciting to have a purpose. We are women and we are so much better when we come together….

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Check out our VERVE Women's March video ~ HERE


Article by Anna Quick-Palmer

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