Karma Footprint: We Took Our Prosecco Think Tank GLOBAL | #PTTGlobal


KARMA FOOTPRINT : £1429.40 for Fistula Foundation

Who: VERVE HQ + 12 hosts worldwide!

When: 30 Nov - 10 Dec 2017

What: 12 amazing women hosted PTT’s all over the world for our PTTGlobal campaign. We had meaningful conversations about what we’re passionate about, what inspires us, what pisses us off and we can do about it… We also drank a lot of Prosecco ;) and most importantly raised money for Fistula Foundation. You ensured that 3 girls/women will have life recovering fistula repair surgery. YOU raised £711 through our #PTTGlobal events and when matched the total comes to £1429.40!!!

We can’t thank you persisters enough!

Here’s how it all went down…


At VERVE HQ in London, our topic was #MeToo. We spent the evening discussing the serious SHEROEs who spoke out about their experiences, volunteered our own #MeToo stories and considered the patriarchal context(s) of sexual harassment. 


Claire in Philly

VERVE Operative Claire Ryder rose to the #PTTGlobal occasion and hosted prosecco-fuelled conversation about what work places can be like for women. These awesome people apparently concluded that spaces like PTTs are so important to encourage open discussion of the patriarchy, misogyny and an individual's experience in relation to the two. We one hundred percent agree. 

Claire wrote an entire blog about her PTT in Philly, so check it out here!  


Ruth In London

Ruth's crew tackled body positivity, a topic we at VERVE think is so empowering and so important to talk about.

Prosecco Think Tank


Claire @ Youtube

Claire's Youtube PTT brought together fantastic ladies working at Youtube in London. They discussed very interesting questions like "What does a Feminist internet look like?", "How does a content driven world affect women differently than men?", and "Is our content driven world a positive or negative force for women?". Amazing.


Clare in NZ

Clare from New Zealand pushed the boat out by inviting some serious feMANists to her PTT - way to spread the feminism Clare! Also, how jealous are we of those warm weather pics?! (answer: very, very jealous.)


Amber in Toulouse

Amber told us that "We had so much to talk about and there was such a feeling of female empowerment and solidarity it was amazing." Amber & co have set up a Facebook group to keep their convo going, and are planning their next PTT in early 2018. #persisterhood if we ever saw it.

Prosecco Think Tank


Amanda in London

Amanda and her group also spoke about the #MeToo movement, and how it is impacting our industries (if at all), and the gender pay gap. Seriously important topics. 

Prosecco Think Tank


Nell in Oxfordshire

Nell's team discussed feminism and what they individually felt it meant; slut shaming in porn; fetishes, and many other things! The incredible Nell also taped her PTT for her upcoming podcast, so keep your eyes on her blog for more info about that!


Alison in Prague

Prosecco Think Tank


Charlotte in Bordeaux

Prosecco Think Tank


Kelly in Florida

Kelly told us that "We had a lively and wide-ranging discussion about current problems, from Weinstein culture and the #metoo movement to characteristics of kleptocratic regimes (and how the current presidential administration exhibits them) to the recent U.S. tax bill and the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. We had a hard time coming up with actions to take because the problems seem so big, but we talked about the ways we could try to have difficult but productive conversations with people we know who think differently from us to try to pass on feminist knowledge and awareness. We also talked about how we can support women political candidates (who are on the right side of the issues, of course), particularly in upcoming local and statewide races and talked about looking into getting more involved with Emily's List. We also agreed that we'd all be interested in self-defense classes (reminiscent of "suffragits" from the 1910s!), so either the women who lead our local Women's March group will try to arrange for a group self-defense training or we will try to come up with another solution for getting together to learn this."


Miki in Tokyo

Prosecco Think Tank


Thank you so much to all you amazing people for joining us in the launch of PRosecco Think Tanks global. We hope you enjoyed your PTT as much as we enjoyed making connections with absolute badass feminists across the globe. Here's to another year of prosecco & feminism, you've all got some serious VERVE. 

Team VERVE London xoxo