What is a VERVE Prosecco Think Tank (PTT)?

Prosecco Think Tank

Prosecco Think Tanks are simply an opportunity to have a ‘meaningful’ conversation with other women.

A discussion around what we're passionate about, what inspires us, what pisses us off and what we want do about it. 

Back story short - At the WOW Festival a handful of us were having an after conference prosecco and trying to figure out how we could make a difference in the ongoing struggle for gender equality, and days after each of us was still humming from the vibes that always come from great conversation. We decided to call these types of come togethers and conversations “Prosecco Think Tanks”, and to have them more often. The rest is Herstory...


PPTs are easy relaxed occasions where women come together to speak their minds about the current feminist and world issues that worry us.


A PTT can be anything from an afternoon spent with a couple of friends at coffee shop, to dinner for six at KFC to drinks and nibbles for ten in the living room.

Once everyone’s been introduced, thirsts have been quenched and tummies topped up, the hostess will ‘officially’ start the conversation. This is usually in the form of a question like “When did you realize that you just might be a feminist?”, “Which item(s) on the feminist ‘agenda’ are you most concerned with right now?”, “Do you think you’re a ‘bad’ feminist?” and/or “What can we do about the causes we care about?”

We encourage you to extend these conversations beyond your closest circle. The easiest way to do this is to ask each friend to bring a friend.

VERVE PTTs aim to bring more joy, purpose and passion to the gender equality movement.


Our first PTT was in March 2017 and it was simply magical - read about it HERE.


PTTs are so inspiring, effective and empowering that we’ve decided to share the joy and take them GLOBAL… If you’re interested in hosting your own - Head over to our Prosecco Think Tank pageTo learn more about PTTGlobal go HERE.


Passion + Purpose + Prosecco = Perfection