What It Was like In The Womb (Room). VERVE Meets The Womb Room, Another Badass Women’s Club

Illustration by Hazel Mead

Illustration by Hazel Mead

Sexual health. Contraception. Lube. STIs. The stigmas of female masturbation. The benefits of masturbation. Sex education. Infertility. Sex toys. Periods. The trials and tribulations of having a vagina. Just a few of the topics discussed at the Womb Room.

Last week, I represented VERVE with Erin at the Womb Room a women’s collective created by Saschan Fearon-Josephs as a forum for discussion about everything related to sexual health. Because of her own struggles with endometriosis which included feeling a lack of support from friends, family and the wider community Sachan felt compelled to create the support system she lacked.        

We walked into a room of plenty of nibbles, drink and women, all unsure what to expect, as this was the first talk that Saschan had run. We settled down in our seats in front of a panel of women from different organisations: Naomi, a counsellor and wellbeing consultant, Rea, the founder of luxury sex toy store Perlesque, Josina, a PHD student and Tahnee who is striving to improve sex education.

Womb Room

It was soon clear that this was a place of care, love and support. People opened up about private issues, personal worries, and everyone in the room empathised. The ability of women to empathise never fails to humble and amaze me. I can only liken the womanly love of this evening to that of the women that look after you when you’re drunk in the bathroom. One brave woman felt safe enough to share a very sad, personal story about being unable to get pregnant. I cried with her, not because I knew how she felt, but because I couldn’t begin to imagine how she must have been feeling.

The conversations, questions and discussions were endless and could have gone on all night. I laughed a lot, cried a bit, made a vagina out of some play dough and learnt a lot. Who knew there were over 30 contraceptive pills, and that regular orgasms have been proven to make someone more successful?


This talk was the first in the series and was fairly generalised. In the future The Womb Room discussions will be more narrowly focused in order to address the many pleasures, joys, pains  and sorrows that come with vagina’s, wombs and ovaries. I highly recommend checking out their website for upcoming dates and topics if your body and fertility sometimes confound you or if you relish being among a group of courageous and compassionate women united in our quest to understand how our female reproductive system works and how it impactful it is in our lives when it “works” and when it doesn’t.

Article by Hazel Mead

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