If plucking was an olympic event I would medal in it….
I pluck EVERYTHING. My brows, legs, pubes and chin.
I like the hunt, the pain, the privacy, and the satisfaction
that comes from 20 minutes of single minded focus.


If napping was noble I would take home the prize….
I nap almost every day. Sometimes I nap twice a day.
My daytime sleeping resembles comas more than cat naps.
I like the quiet cocooning of the blankets cuddling me.
I like being the director of my dreams. 

Interior Design

If watching foreign TV meant I was “in the business” I’d get an Emmy….
I like eating finger food (so I don’t have to look down and miss the subtitles).
I like wearing my huge headphones and engrossing myself in how other
cultures portray humour and horror. 


If running on a treadmill in a basement was a sport I’d be an athlete….
I like to get high and run in ratty underwear and a hideous hard core sports bra.
I like to run to Hunter Hayes and Beyonce.
I run until I pass the threshold into the “zone”.
I run because it makes me feel lucky.
Lucky that I have enough food to eat to fuel exertion for pleasure.
Lucky that I have the time to be idle actively.

Interior Design

If reading made me a writer I’d be awarded the Pulitzer…..
I read ANYTHING. I read soap wrappers and shampoo bottles.
I like books heavy on dialogue and books written by women
about women. I like police procedurals and stories of struggles. 
Sometimes I like to learn something.
What do you do when you’re alone? 

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer