Oh... My... God…..! Tina Brown sure does put on a show. I am still trying to digest everything we heard and learned at the Women in the World summit.
The first thing I noticed when I walked into the David Koch Theater was how extraordinary it feels to be among 2,993 women (and 7 men ;-) who all care about the same things I do. I felt safe. I felt alive. 

Women in the World Summit

The summit takes on sexism and feminism in advertising, technology, politics (Hillary!), finance, cinema (Queen Latifah!), education, media, music (MILCK!), sports,
literature (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie!), gender, human rights, sexual harassment (Gretchen Carlson!) the arts, hate crime, abortion rights (Cecile Richards!), trafficking, fashion (Diane von Furstenberg!) criminal justice, war (Zainab Salbi!), education, climate change, aging (Jo Ann Jenkins!), public health, the Women’s March on Washington (Tamika D. Mallory!), journalism (Nicholas Kristof!!), refugees, race (Joy-Ann Reid!), religion and comedy (Samantha Bee!) just to name a few….. 
Oh, and Justin Trudeau! #HeForShe

Women in the World Summit

Bloody exhausting, fabulous, eye opening and inspiring.

Every year VERVE purchases extra tickets and invites members to join us on this kickass ride. I love watching their reactions - tears, laughter, standing ovations, anger, joy- and listening to their take aways at dinner afterwards. Although Hillary was the headliner of the summit in my opinion she wasn’t the highlight. Listening to women on the front lines of the refugee crisis who save lives - and sometimes don’t - made me feel brave and cowardly at the same time. Watching  MILCK sing what can only be called the new feminism anthem I Can't Keep Quiet sent shivers down my spine. 

Women in the World Summit

Hearing from a woman who was sex trafficked for years in America and who realized that the only way to protect herself and her family was to go to jail. Who after serving her time became an educator and activist by teaching airline employees how to spot trafficking victims.  It was her story that caused me to weep the hardest.

Viewing  A Girl in the River - The Price of Forgiveness , the academy award winning documentary by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, was breathtaking and horrifying. Witnessing a Yazidi woman risking her life by speaking out about ISIS and its war on women crushed and enraged me. 

Women in the World Summit

Thank you Tina, Toyota, AT&T, Mastercard, BCG, P&G, Pepsico, Thomson Reuters, Tory Burch Foundation and the Ford Foundation for organizing, promoting and funding a life changing experience. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year.

Resist + Persist  

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer

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